7 Resilience Skills


F*ck the King’s Horses and Men I believe, in spite of obvious challenges along the way, that I’ve been managing quite a lot of stress rather well. I know the eye-swelling-shut incident would tend to argue the other way, but I’ve decided to cut myself some slack. In fact, that’s a great starting point, and … Read more

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

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My last published post is now almost 9 months old. It’s been a rough interlude. I’ve taken some time. I needed to, and while I’m not sorry, it is good to be back in the world, so to speak. I had planned to share tips and tricks for dealing with caregiver stress, or stress in … Read more

How Not To Deal With Caregiver Stress


If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve likely noticed that I’ve posted mainly guest reviews over the last week. I also didn’t post on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is highly unusual because I’ve been publishing content every day. Faithful readers have probably guessed that momz finally had to go into the hospital – and … Read more

10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want 

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Guest post By Heather Mathews Author of Manifestation Miracle  [This guest post by Heather Mathews, creator of Manifestation Miracle, will give you a 10-step guide to manifesting your desires. Apologies for all the guest posts over the past week, my wonderful readers. See, momz did go into the hospital, and I’m stretched a little thin. … Read more

How to Squeeze 1-Hour of Meditation into Just 12 Minutes: Guest Zen12 Review

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Is this new brainwave program really the next-generation of meditation? Karl Moore decided to find out. Try a free sample MP3 download, and get started today! How to Squeeze 1-Hour of Meditation into Just 12 Minutes: My Personal Zen12 Review By Karl Moore Over 10 million Americans regularly practice meditation, according to Psychology Today magazine. … Read more

Brainwave Shots: Brain Science Or Big Fat Scam? My Tell-All Review 

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Guest post review of Brainwave Shots, a brainwave entrainment meditation aid. Can you imagine being able to listen to a 15-minute MP3 to turn on any mind state you want. For example, want to experience razor sharp focus? Just listen to an audio. Want to feel happier? Listen to that audio. More brain power? Pop in that … Read more

The Meditation Hack That Saves You 70,000 Hours

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  Please enjoy the following guest post by Karl Moore. He’s reviewing the Brain Evolution System, a brainwave entrainment meditation aid. Try before you buy. Click here to try a free sample. Check out the website. Heads up: the main page takes a minute to load. Your patience is appreciated. “Exploring the brainwave hack that … Read more

Guest Post: Review of Sleep Salon

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  The Sleep Salon Review: “Can an MP3 File Cure Your Insomnia?” Insomnia. I’m not sure there’s anything more frustrating. The endless staring at the ceiling. That desperate waiting for slumber to finally kick in. The feeling of immense tiredness throughout the next day. But such sleep problems may be a thing of the past, … Read more

Covid-19 Makes Momz scared to go to the Hospital

I’m hella scared, and I don’t know what I don’t know. Doc says I shoulg get momz to the ER. I agree. Momz is fighting me. Pandemic has her scared of catching COVID at the hospital. I don’t blame her. Caregiver Stress. Heavy day today. Just got off the phone with Momz cardiologist. I’m trying … Read more