11 Tips for Manifestation Success

Ask. Believe. Receive. Release your limiting beliefs. Practice gratitude. Take action. Aside from these manifestation basics, I have 11 additional tips for you.

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1. Put Inspiration in Your Path

Hang inspiration verses, affirmations, quotes or images around your home, office, everywhere! This will help you to stay on track, because you are exposing yourself to positive information all around.

For this, I like post-its, but you can use anything you like. Phrases like, “Live in The Moment”, or “Focus Your Mind” are 2 good lessons to put up. 

2. Write things down (Your Memory is Unreliable)

When something important crops up in your mind, write it down as soon as you can. Writing things down frees your mind to focus and concentrate on other things. Your memory can only hold 4 chunks of information at any given time.

Scientists used to say 7 chunks, but now they realize our minds hold less. It may be our memory is shrinking more as we rely more and more on writing and devices to store information. 

3. Review Your Goals and Activities Weekly

A “Weekly Activity Review” is good to help you monitor your progress and see what you did right, and what could be done better. This allows you to monitor your progress and make good adjustments as needed.

Reviewing your goals and progress regularly can keep you on track if you start to get unfocused. In fact, reviewing your goals DAILY is also a really good idea.

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It is important to focus on the bigger tasks you need to do to succeed. Keep your mind on track and remove any distractions in your thoughts. 

Little things can be irritating. If you let little things take up a lot of space in your mind, you are wasting your precious mental resources on stuff that will not serve your best interests.

5. Be Brave Enough to Go It Alone

If you were always thinking about setting up your own business or giving yourself more freedom, you need to get thinking about this now. Think about what you are going to do, what you have to offer to the world and create a plan of action for your financial and life freedom.  

If you’ve always wanted to quit your job, then pay attention to this. You very likely can be financially free sooner than you think. All you need to do is find a way to replace the amount of income you earn in your job some other way. For many people, that’s anywhere from $2-$5K per month. Very doable with the right strategy.

6. Save your Money, Invest Wisely

Until you know what you really want to do with your life, and where you want to invest your money, don’t spend or do anything with it at all. Simply save it for when you will need it and when you know where you want to invest it.

The more money you save, the more you will have in your bank account to feel good about. This programs your unconscious mind positively even more, and the cycle repeats itself. 

7. Giving Til it Hurts…Hurts

Giving, charity, tithing all boost your manifestation power, but these activities must be performed freely without expecting anything. It’s good to give, but you must remember to consider your needs as well.

Many people go to huge lengths to help others but get nothing in return. This can leave you feeling used and resentful. If giving hurts, then consider that perhaps you are giving the wrong thing to the wrong person. You must value your service and time.

8. Copernicus Called. Sorry, You are NOT the Centre of the Universe

It is important to have a balance between seeing other points of view and your own. This will help to communicate and relate to people better. You will make better decisions and make more progress over the long run. 

Creatively imagine how another person sees the world. You can also read fiction to boost your empathy skills.

9. Stand Your Ground

Never just go at the whims of others. Stand your ground when you believe you are right about something.

Feel strong and confident about your life and what you want to achieve in it. While it is tempting, and perhaps easier, to cave to peer pressure, or someone else’s expectations, you will not be satisfied in the long run.

10. Choose Your Friends Wisely

Associate with positive, hardworking, confident and great people, and you will become one yourself. Associate with the turkeys instead and you will become one. 

It has been said that you become the average of the five people you associate with. Be sure that the five people you spend the most time with have the qualities to which you aspire. If they do not, expand your circle of friends. Meet new people who do posess the qualities you admire and wish to develop in yourself.

“You must guard constantly against those who lack vision. You must guard against the reactionary mind. Always cultivate and associate with persons of vision and with persons who believe that things are going to be better. When you do this, you take on the kind of vision, backed by the right kind of inspiration that you need if you are going to grow in this business or any other business.” Thomas Watson

11. Keep Learning

The more you learn, the more you can earn. Not just financially, but you will also earn in happiness, relationships and health.  Millions of people are manifesting, and you can too. You simply need to learn, understand and apply.

Keep learning, and always keep learning. This means always increasing your knowledge through reading, webinars and whatever suits your learning style. As you increase your knowledge and apply it, you will understand success even more and reach for even higher goals. 

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