12 Secrets for a Happier Life

Here are 12 ways you can be happier in your life:

​1. Set goals and write them out

This is a crucial exercise, so make sure you take the time to do this. What do you want to accomplish in the next 12 months? Write it down! Studies show that writing out your goals makes you more likely to achieve them.

2. Learn to let go of the past

Let’s face it, you can’t change the past. In fact, the past doesn’t even exist anymore. The only place it exists is in your mind. Learn to let it go.

Learn the lessons, look for the silver-linings, and be grateful for today and for the possibilities in tomorrow. There’s no room in your life for good stuff if you’re holding onto the bad stuff from your past. Let it go. It’s time.

3. Forgive others, and yourself

This is related to letting go of the past. Holding onto resentment or guild rips you away from the present. And, the present is all you ever really have. Again, it’s time to let go, and forgive.

When you resent someone, you give them a lot of important space in your mind. You only hurt yourself when you don’t forgive. That’s just wasted energy.

Also, we need to forgive ourselves. We all make mistakes and have done and said things we are not proud of. Remember, no one’s perfect. Now you can choose different actions in the future, and be a better version of yourself.

Have some empathy and compassion for yourself and others. Don’t mind-fuck it. Just forgive and move on.

4. Dance to your own tune

Would you believe that studies show most people are unhappy with their life most of the time? So why would you ever want to be like everyone else?

Studies show that being too agreeable can diminish creativity, so don’t follow the crowd. We all have our own definition of normal. We all have free will, and the ability to make new choices and experience new outcomes.

5. The journey is the point

Enjoy your life! Don’t defer your happiness to some future date when you reach some imagined peak. A goal is important, but only the journey gives the goal value. Only the journey happens in a the present moment.

If it sucks where you’re at, then find a new place to be. Change your goals, set a new course. Scary as it can be, it’s better than hating your life.

Life’s to fleeting and precious to waste. There is a good time happening out there somewhere. Go! Find it!

6. Failing is a good thing

Fear of failure can stop you from trying something new, or taking a risk. Successful people fail a lot though. The key difference is that successful people fail, adjust, and try again until they get it right. And really, that’s how learning happens.

Learn from your mistakes and failures, persist in the presence of opposition with single-minded focus, and will be successful. If you do fail, just keep moving forward.

7. Healthy living is good for you

Thanks, Captain Obvious!

Still, you only have one body. Exercise, eat right, get enough sleep.

How you treat your body today has a huge impact on your length and quality of life. It’s never too late to start, so start now.

8. Be positive

Be the most positive person you know. Stay mindful of the words and expressions you use because they can reveal your inner thoughts. You become what you think about.

Avoid negativity because it is toxic and contagious. Negative conversations do not elevate your life. Negative people drain your energy. If you want to manifest great things in your life, choose to stay away from the negativity.

9. Sometimes, it’s who you know

The people you surround yourself with can bring you down, or they can lift you up. Choose who you spend your time with carefully.

If the people in your life now aren’t positive and loving, if they don’t elevate you, then step outside your normal haunts and find people outside of your social circle. Make it a priority to hang out with fun, positive and loving people.

10. All you need is love

Choose to always come from a place a love because it affects how you feel, and it affects how others feel around you too. People won’t always remember what you do or say, but people always remember how you make them feel.

You can always come from a loving place. Ask yourself, “If I were coming from a place of love right now, what would I do?” and then do that. Maybe choose not to start that argument. Share a smile, or give a sincere compliment. Simple things can go a long way.

11. Connect with your spirit

Cultivate mindful awareness. Awareness is the only superpower you need. It’s the only wish the genie needs to grant you. Awareness is that important.

Be present. Go within. Meditate. Pray. Whatever it is you do to connect with source, or the God of your understanding.

Real peace and guidance come from still, quiet moments. Find those moments throughout your day. Six deep breaths in and out. You’ve got time.

12. Focus on what really matters

As much as I advocate for focusing on your goals, balance is key. Don’t get so swept up chasing an ambition that you neglect the people who make the struggle worthwhile.

Relationships are critically important. The quality of your close relationships is directly related to how long you’ll live. Remember to cherish the people who mean the most to you. Tomorrow is promised to no one.


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