5 Point Test by Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey recommends the following 5 point test to know if your ideal future is worthy of you. We have to know where to aim if we want to hit the target. Mary encourages us to aim for what seems impossible.

I know I’ve wanted more in my life. I want more money, and more time. I want to control my time, and earn money learning and sharing what I learn with others.

Ta-da!!! So maybe this “woo-woo” works?

Without further ado, let’s check out Mary Morrissey’s 5 point test to determine if your dream future is really worthy of you.

  • 1. Does it give me life?

Your ideal future needs to make you feel alive and excited. It needs to be expansive, and loving.

Don’t become who others expect you to be. Become the person YOU want to be.

  • 2. Does it align with my core values?

The impulse is never wrong. If you think”X” is the thing, then it probably is. Take that step in faith.

However, the picture, and the meaning, and the expression that you give to “X” has to align with your core values. If your want to know more about your core values, download the workbook below.

What Makes You Tick?

                 Explore your values to understand your:






                 Awareness creates change


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  • 3. Would it cause me to grow?

Life is progressive. Tony Robbins identified growth as one need people have.

Personally, I need to feel challenged. I need the mental stimulation of new ideas. If I’m not learning and growing, then I feel like I’m shrinking and dying.

Yep, that’s pretty harsh, AND that’s how I feel. Believe me, not only do I love lifelong learning, but I believe life is pale and tedious without it.

Enough said. On to point 4.

  • 4. Do I need help from a higher power?

If my dream for the future is already something you can do, then that’s not growth. For our larger purpose to truly be larger, it MUST be outside our current abilities – at least a little.

This is part of how we stretch and experience growth. There needs to be a communion, a partnership or some sort of drawing forth from source, from universal consciousness, or from the God of your understanding.

It must be bigger than you.

  • 5. Is there good in this dream for others?

You can feel blessed by the love you see in others. Recall, the dream must be bigger than you.

Tony Robbins identified impact or significance as another fundamental human need. The richest people in the world, though they’re wealthy, most of them will probably say that they want to have a greater impact.

It’s something we all crave. We want to leave our mark on the world.

Maybe it’s like a quest for immortality. I don’t know, but the drive to have an impact and make a difference is real and powerful, and it continues to drive successful people even after their success is found.

That makes me think that maybe impact and significance and happiness are the true targets. What do you think?

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