5 Secret Tips to Boost Concentration & Focus

Focus and concentration are key requirements for success. Your ability to concentrate impacts your manifestation because concentration directs the subconscious mind. We’ll explore secret tips that will help you boost your concentration and focus, and support success.

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Secret Tip 1:

Don’t believe everything you think.

perceptual illusion
Q – Which red circle is bigger?
A – They’re both the same size.


Unfortunately, your perception of reality can be skewed by your mental filters and cognitive biases. Your perception also changes with your mental and emotional state. Essentially, don’t automatically assume that everything you know is capital “T” true.

There’s some philosophical debate around perception, reality and truth. Some say our perception is not reality, others claim our perceptions are the only reality. I’ll not argue the philosophy. It’s only essential to my purpose for you to understand that your perceptions can mislead you.

Instead of trusting your perception, do the basics well, and get on with performing the actions that you need to be doing. Rely more on process and belief than perception.

Wake up early. Get to work on your goals right away. Put your whole heart and soul into the process, and your mind will develop the habit of high productivity. You will make decisive progress towards your goals, every day. Your mental power will move in one solid direction, and this is exactly what you need to build momentum and maximize the chances of achieving your goals.

Secret Tip 2:

Be productive.


You may think you are moving towards your goals, and doing the right things to make progress. However, your perceptions might be deceiving you.

It took me a while to learn the difference between productive work and being busy. I wasted a lot of time on tasks that feel important and necessary (like designing a logo), but don’t generate real results.

Secret Tip 3:

You must have faith.


There’s a reason why “Ask. Believe. Receive.” is the mantra for people who consciously work with the law of attraction. You need to have faith.

I’m not talking about religious faith, although that provides structure and comfort and guidance. When I say faith, I’m talking about belief. If you want to succeed at anything, you need to believe.

You need to believe that the universe is abundant and generous, or you will believe that you’re doomed to unluckiness and failure. So many people feel like the world is out to get them, and that is simply untrue. Once you start to take action, with faith, you will likely notice that the universe conspires for your benefit.

Because of our limiting beliefs, we can disqualify ourselves from taking action and accomplishing our goals. You need to believe in yourself and your eventual success, or you will self sabotage. Nothing and no one stands in the way of your success more than you. Sometimes, you need to get out of your own way.

Faith can be a touchy subject. Many people probably consider themselves positive people who have faith. However, in my experience, most people are uncertain and negative.

Ask yourself the following questions to discover the truth:

  • How often do you rely on faith/belief when taking action to your goals?
  • Are you actively working your faith/belief?
  • Give an example and provide the evidence of where you have demonstrated faith/belief in a recent life situation.

For you to succeed, you need to be accessing faith as much as you can. You need to be using faith in every single thing you do because belief gives your focus and actions more power.

Don’t be deceived by everyday appearances. You need to be actively exercising your faith by imagining your life as you want it to be, as if the vision had come true.

  • What thoughts and images form in your mind as proof that you have faith?
  • Are you imagining your goals, and believing with full conviction they will be yours?
  • How often are you doing this?
  • How often do you see the light at the end of the tunnel when performing an action, or striving to achieve a goal?
  • Where is the evidence that you are actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Are you thinking positive thoughts when working to your goals?
  • What images and thoughts are going on in your mind?
  • Are you actively creating these images and thoughts?

Actively focus and visualize what you want, believing it will be yours. If your inner critic talks smack, say to yourself, “I see you.” Know that your desires would not be in you if they were impossible. This inner critic is trying to protect you, and reassure it by saying to yourself, “I can handle this.”

Secret Tip 4:

Practice simple disciplines every day.

 Focus is layered. As focus improves in one area, you can still get more focused in other areas. You do this through simple, daily actions called disciplines. You need to practice your daily disciplines and focus in all areas as much as possible to achieve success.

To build focus, try the following steps.  You will be impressed by the results in only a few short days.

a) Get up early in the morning. This means before 8am. Loads of people will tell you to get up at 5am, and this is a good practice. Make sure you jump out of bed the second you wake up.  To get up early in the morning, tell yourself the night before that you’re going to get up early. Make it a goal, and stick to it. End of story.

b) Get to work right away and push yourself for that work. Do this for 20-30 minutes first thing in the morning.

c) Go to bed on time every night. Getting good and sufficient sleep will build your focus and concentration powers. Sleep also helps memory, learning, health and immune system response, etc. Read this post for 8 sleep tips. If you short-change yourself on sleep, you will pay for it. Sleep deprivation is like intoxication. You can’t work effectively like that.

When you wake up, your subconscious mind is very suggestible. So, if you begin to act right away at top speed, then your subconscious mind follows that. Then your mind forms a habit of acting at top speed towards your goals. Whatever happens in the morning is what will determine what will happen in your day, and therefore in your life overall.

So, if you sort out the morning and get goal and action orientated the second you wake up, and you keep that going for 20-30 minutes in the morning, you will set that up as the precedent for the rest of the day, every day. Then, your days will be hyper-productive, so your whole life becomes one of hyper progress.

Pushing yourself to act will yield enormous rewards. Everything good will seem to happen when you follow these simple steps. The important thing is to do them consistently. All of your focus abilities will strengthen with practice.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How can you wake up earlier?
  • What distractions are there that are stopping you from waking up earlier?
  • How can you move quickly to your goals in the morning?
  • What actions can you take?
  • How close is your alarm clock to your bed?
  • What can you do to move that alarm clock further away from your bed?
  • What kind of foods are you eating in the evening?
  • Are these foods helping or hindering your sleep?
  • What kind of actions are you performing in the evening?
  • Are these actions helping or hindering your sleep?
  • What actions do you perform in the morning, on a regular basis?
  • Are these actions helping me move to my goals? A
  • m I being action orientated?
  • Am I in my head and thinking how tired I am, or am I getting on with the day and acting?
  • Am I going to bed on time?
  • What steps can I take to go to bed earlier and on time, so I can wake up feeling fresh?
  • How often do I lie in bed in the morning?
  • How often do I jump out of bed in the morning and get working to my goals?

For some of these questions, you already know the answer. The point of these questions is to put the focus of your mind in the right direction.

As you begin to think about the things you need to do, you will actually be able to do them. With knowledge comes power. These questions give you knowledge to access your power.

Secret Tip 5:

Quit rationalizing your inaction.

chocolate is salad

Rationalizations can prevent your success. A rationalization is a type of “true statement” which you make, and which seems helpful, but it actually stops you from taking action to achieve your goals.

Rationalize = rational-lies

Here are some examples of rationalization statements:

  • I’ve worked hard all week so I can take it easy now.
  • I stayed up late last night so it’s ok to sleep longer.
  • It’s only a little extra money to buy this.
  • I’ll do an extra session in the gym to burn this pizza off.
  • One chocolate bar isn’t going to make me fat.
  • There will be another opportunity around the corner.
  • I’ve got plenty of time to get this project done.
  • I’ll do this first before starting the project.
  • I’ve got all day to get this done.

These are all examples of highly convincing rationalizations. They are dangerous because they stop action and progress from happening.

Rationalizations are often true, or seem true, so you readily accept them. Unfortunately, rationalization becomes a habit. The rationalizations become convenient stories that cheat you out of reaching your potential.

Also, consider how many times the rationalizations become outright lies. Do you do an extra session at the gym to work off that pizza? One chocolate bar will not make you fat, but repeat this rationalization a few times and you could put yourself at risk for diabetes.

Over time, you form “layers” of rationalization, so that you end up doing it to a very advanced level. You end up with rationalization on top of rationalization, lies on top of lies.

If you are not achieving your goals as much as you would like, you need to analyze your life very carefully and see where these rationalizations are taking place so they can be weeded out. You need to dig out and remove all of these if you want to have a clear mind that can actually perform the actions needed to achieve your goals. This means removing rationalization once and for all.

Here are some suggestions, questions and analysis to help you:

  • What is one key area of my life that I want to improve in? (i.e. what is a key goal you have)
  • What rationalizations am I making here for this goal? (write the obvious ones down here)

Now we will look even deeper into the rationalizations. Jot down point-form answers to the following questions.

  • What bad habits do I have in relation to the goal I want to achieve?

For example, if you wanted to be slim and lose weight, you could have a bad habit of eating non-healthy foods late at night while watching TV etc. Write the habits down.

Look at each of these habits from the question above now. You are going to offer a counter habit, and suggestion for each habit, one by one.

  • What can I do to change each of these habits?
  • What counter habits can I offer?
  • How can I sandwich healthier habits in with my pre-existing habits?

Change your Habits

Changing habits can be difficult because our brains want to conserve energy and keep us safe. Habits are actual physical structures in the brain. Each habit has an associated neural pathway. Think of this neural pathway like a road. The more established the habit, the bigger the road.

If you have a habit that you do daily, or several times a day, the neural pathway widens into a highway. Great for good habits, but not so much for bad habits.

By sandwiching healthier habits in with pre-established habits, you can develop new, healthier habits more quickly. This works because you are piggybacking the new habit onto a pre-established neural pathway. This habit-forming shortcut is known as habit-stacking.

Identifying the habits and changing them will stop the associated rationalizations automatically. As you begin to remove these stealth rationalizations, you will more easily focus, act and manifest.

In Conclusion

These 5 secret tips can change your life:

  1. Don’t believe everything you think.
  2. Be productive instead of busy.
  3. You must have faith.
  4. Practice simple disciplines every day.
  5. Quit rationalizing your inaction.

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I hope you test drive the ideas and strategies in this article. If you do, be sure to drop me a line, and let me know how it goes.

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