Abundance is Powerful

Abundance is a powerful feeling of “having” that raises your vibrational energy, and helps you to manifest your desires. It is difficult to manifest anything if you feel you are lacking because the feeling of lack is also emotionally powerful. To manifest, it is critical that your feelings be positive, abundant and expansive. This post describes ways to increase your feelings of abundance.

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Oneness and Abundance

It’s easier to come from abundance when you recall that underneath the apparent multiplicity, everything is made of the same universal energy. 

This energy…is everywhere, and even “everywhen,” in the sense that it is eternally behind all the changing forms we see. The Hindus and Buddhists call this principle, Sat: one energy, everywhere, fundamental to everything, always, past, present, and future.

~Bill Harris

Interestingly enough, science is beginning to catch up to what spiritual leaders have been saying. Quantum physicists have noticed that on the sub-atomic level, particles come into being, seemingly out of nothing, and dissolve and disappear back into nothing.

Sometimes, when two or more particles collide, one, two, three, or more particles, often of a different kind, appear as a result. Sometimes, all the particles disappear.

There is a “something” that everything comes out of and returns into. This something is the background of everything, in the same way that the blank page is the background of what is written on it.

This background universal energy is part of you, or more accurately, you are part of it. By extension, you are part of everything.

This is great news for anyone interested in manifestation because if everything is one, then you are part of all things, including your desires, already. For this reason, aligning your energy vibration with your desire is said to bring your desires into being. This happens by natural law, which is stronger that human notions of ownership.

Ownership and Abundance

Ownership of anything is based 100% on beliefs made up by people. There is no natural law by which it’s bound. Owning something is a manmade belief, and that is not the same as natural law, where the true laws and power lies. 

If someone owns a house, it is only because of a piece of paper which says they own it. The paper only has value because people agree that it does. If everyone were to disregard the value of a property deed, it would be worthless. It has no value in itself. The only value comes from what people say is its value. 

Ignoring the man made, it is just as true to say you have everything already. You are part of the energy connecting all things in the universe, so you are part of everything in the universe, and all that stuff is also part of you. It is also your right to achieve anything you can conceive, so you can have ownership of those things in a man-made way as well. 

The crucial idea here is that you must always feel and believe that there is always enough for you, and that you have in any situation. 

Never be jealous, or feel bad about somebody else having something that you want. There is no need. Feelings of lust, awe, or longing signify lack and the “not-have” position. 

Feelings tend to increase. If you feel you are lacking in any area of your life, your lack is going to increase. If you ever feel abundant in any area of your life, your abundance is going to increase.

Lack weakens the mind. Abundance strengthens the mind and makes you feel strong.  

How to Feel Abundant

There are 3 components to feeling abundant. Doing the following exercise for 5 minutes per day is all that is required to program your unconscious mind, and make abundance happen more naturally.

  1. You can and must choose to believe that you can have anything you genuinely want
  2. You must take control of your mind and body (instead of letting your mind and body control you)
  3. You must have the feeling of having for everything in your life. This is the same as saying that the have-not feeling is not around in your mind or body.
    Imagine what your life would be like if there was always enough power, resources, money and confidence to do whatever you truly wanted.
    Imagine you grew up, with all the opportunity and resources you needed to succeed, and there was always enough to do whatever you truly wanted to do. What beliefs would you have? How would you talk to yourself? How would your voice sound? What would your posture be like? Who would you hang about with?

Ask yourself, and answer, these questions regularly. Imagine the answers are reality. The exercise above helps to reprogram your subconscious mind, so that it is primed to help you reach your goals.

Your imagination acts as the gateway to re-wire and re-model the subconscious mind to support your ideal outcome. If you simply imagine yourself having the thing you want in the present, in detail, involving all of your senses, then your subconscious mind will slowly begin to change. 

Remember that what is going on at the subconscious level has huge power over your life. You may have conscious control and be aware at the conscious level, but what is happening deep inside your subconscious mind determines where you eventually end up. 

The key here is consistency because your subconscious mind can always be influenced on a second to second basis. This only works if you are consistent with it, and do not offer contradictory suggestions to your subconscious mind at the same time. You must always be going forward to your goals, and that means consistently imagining having your goal already. 

Do things you enjoy to raise your vibration, and feel good. Always come from a position of abundance. Be strong by living according to your purpose. Believe in your ability to achieve what you want. 

These things are all crucial to your success. You must be coming from a position of strength in your mind, and this position of having will increase even more. 

Have, or Have Not?

A good way to check whether you are feeling abundant is to place yourself in the situation you wish to analyze. For example, if you want to manifest a relationship, ask yourself, do you feel happy when you see a happy couple, or do you feel sad? If you want to manifest wealth, ask yourself how you feel when you see a wealthy person. Do you feel jealous, or do you feel excited? 

The way you feel around the things you want reveal where you truly are in terms of feeling abundant or not. The answers to the questions above will tell you if, deep down, you believe you can have your desire.

We should therefore observe our feelings in different situations. The key is to feel good, and to come from a position of abundance. 

If your feelings of abundance are weak, you must take steps to change your feelings immediately. To do this effectively and permanently can take several weeks because you must take charge of your mind and re-wire it. 

Affirmations for Abundance

Read this post for more information on affirmations. Please note that affirmations are short, positive, first-person statements about what you want to do, or have, or be.

If you aren’t manifesting, then your subconscious mind has been programmed the wrong way. With the right programming, your ability to control your mind will increase hugely. You will always feel good, and you will be making progress all the time.

Reading affirmations every single day is a great way to change the internal wiring of your mind. For me, the key to successful affirmations is spaced repetition because it sets the affirmation more deeply into both the conscious and subconscious minds. Therefore, it brings the “having” position more fully into experience. 

Below are some affirmations which you could use. They will reinforce positive thinking, and lead to positive manifestations. 

  1. 1.Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better  
  2. I am a total financial success 
  3. I am worth it 
  4. I deserve success 
  5. I feel good about my life. 
  6. My life is getting better and better every day

Repeat your affirmations throughout the day with faith, conviction, energy and attention. Imagine the affirmation to be true. What would you be doing, or thinking or feeling if the affirmation were true?

Affirmations work wonders. Keep reciting your affirmations daily and, in time, your mind will be reprogrammed. 

I use an app called MindWire for this which also layers brainwave entrainment music behind the spoked affirmations. This aids relaxation, and reprograms the subconscious mind, fast!

Every technique discussed so far is very effective, but visualizations and affirmations can take some time to reprogram your subconscious mind towards feelings of abundance. Read on for my go-to technique for feeling abundant immediately.

Gratitude: An Instant Abundance Hack 

Feeling grateful for the things you have instantly increases your feelings of abundance. Gratitude raises your emotional and energetic vibrations so that you manifest your desires more quickly and easily. One might argue that you cannot feel gratitude and a negative emotion at the same time. Therefore, practicing gratitude not only increases your feelings of abundance and manifestation power, gratitude also increases happiness and reduces stress.

To practice gratitude, all you need to do is to think of something (or someone…anything, really) for which you’re grateful. It is that simple.

I like to start my day by thinking of 3 things I’m grateful for. It’s also good to do this before sleep, and anytime you feel stressed throughout the day. You can write the things you’re grateful for in a notebook, if you like, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Although, it can be good to go back over when you’re feeling stressed, or like you’re lacking somehow.

When thinking of things your grateful for, it’s easy to pick the same things over and over. I suggest you challenge yourself by constantly looking for, and finding, various things to be grateful for. Keep changing it up. You’ll be surprised how much you discover to be grateful for in your life.

Gratitude is very easy and free to practice. Gratitude grows the more you feel it. The more grateful you are, the more reasons you find to be grateful!


Feeling abundant, and increasing your feelings of abundance is a vital component of your manifestation success. Use your imagination, use affirmations, and feel grateful for hat you already have to reprogram your mind to be more abundant. Remember, you and everything you desire share the same energy. By making these little shifts, you manifest your desires more quickly and easily.

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