Always Waiting for Something to Happen

Sometimes, if you’re not having success, you might be waiting for something to happen. The outcome you want will always be the result of something you do. Waiting for something to happen doesn’t work. Making more money, and living a more fulfilling life comes from the decisions you make, and the actions you take. It’s the only way.

Perhaps you’ve been tripping the self-help light fantastic, and you’ve heard about the power of positive thinking, or about manifesting your dreams with the power of your thoughts. Maybe you’ve heard this or that guru promise you effortless. easy change.

If you have the idea that internal changes will automatically and effortlessly give you what you want, or make you automatically act with purpose, then I have a reality check for you. You must always decide your intention, and then act, and commit to keep taking action.

I believe in the law of attraction, and I’ve seen first-hand the power of positive thinking. I’m not slamming or disparaging these things. However, I also know that, by themselves, positive thinking and the law of attraction are not enough. You must take action, and participate in life.

The automatic easy button is not a real thing. Sure, you can struggle less, and things can be easier. However, action is still always required.

Consider the decisions you make, and the actions you’re taking now. Everything you do that distracts you, or takes you away from working towards your dreams, is something that you’re doing instead. It’s a decision you’ve made. Even doing nothing (inaction) or procrastinating is a decision and an action.

Please take a moment to evaluate the actions you are taking, or not taking, that don’t align with your goals. In all likelihood, there is some kind of fear or limiting belief that’s holding you back.

Life is lived from the inside out. You run your mind. Your mind should not run you. So, work at becoming more aware of how your internal processes create your external reality.

It’s the most fascinating thing, noticing your internal processes.  You begin to realize that your self-talk, the pictures you make in your mind creates a feeling and an internal state. Your feelings generate particular behaviours.

This is important because you constantly attract people and resources that jive with your internal state, your emotional vibe, or whatever you want to call it. It’s wise to ensure that whatever you attract helps move you in a positive direction, instead of reinforcing a negative spiral.

Once you begin to realize that you constantly give meaning to the events that happen in your life, you begin to know that you can change the meanings you assign to things. You can choose to look for resourceful meanings. You can choose to run your internal creative process intentionally and constructively. Then you can create or attract anything.

If you want a different financial result, you will need to believe something different than you believe now. You might need to adopt new values, or place more significance on something you’ve habitually ignored. You will need to think new thoughts and to focus differently than you’re f0cusing currently. You need to take different actions because, as the saying goes, “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

I wanted to change my financial result. I came to realize that I had a lot of negative beliefs about money, and being wealthy. I formed these beliefs without really knowing wealthy people.

The rich greedy guy was always the villain in the movies. Musicians said that the poor stay poor and the rich get rich. They said money wouldn’t buy love or happiness. They said eat the rich. I just absorbed opinions from my parents, the media, music, or whatever got into my brain.

For example, I used to believe that wealth made people greedy and corrupt and selfish. I thought money was evil. I heard that the rich got richer, and the poor got poorer, so I developed this idea that if I got richer, I would be making other people poorer. I settled into a financial pattern of always having just enough to get by, but never more.

To change my financial result, I had to change the stories and meanings I had told myself, and accepted, about money and wealth. I had to change my beliefs from the inside before I was able to see a result on the outside.

For example, I used to think money was evil, but now I realize that money is only a tool. I used to think that being wealthy made people greedy and corrupt and selfish, but now I understand that money only amplifies the qualities a person already has. People who are wealthy and corrupt and greedy, would also be corrupt and greedy if they were poor. I used to think that if I got rich, I was somehow taking from someone else who needed it more. Now I release my scarcity mindset and come from a position of abundance knowing there is ample money in the world, for everyone.

My new beliefs feel so much better. I feel empowered, rather than victimized by circumstance. I know now that my circumstances don’t create my results. I do.

However, thinking and changing beliefs is only one step. It’s a crucial step, but it’s still only the beginning. You must act, and continue to act, and commit to continue taking action.

Please stop waiting for change to happen. Instead decide to make it happen. There is no other way to accomplish something in the world.

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