Boost Your Energy For Manifestation

I have said that the law of resonance is the true power behind manifestation. Resonating at the same frequency as your desires will cause you to manifest that desire. Resonating at the right frequency to attract your desire will require you to boost your energy for manifestation.

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You need to set clear goals about the things that you genuinely want to achieve in life. Set your goal up as a lifestyle, rather than an object you want. 

What is your purpose? You need to know because your purpose will get you out of bed and keep going when things get tough. Purpose keeps you on track and gives you direction for your life. 

Clear and strengthen your aura. You need to maximize the creative energy flow in your body. A strong aura will protect you against negative energies. For more information about auras, please check out this post.

You need to come from a position of abundance and strength. Speak positively about what you want. Think of things you are grateful for often. Play to your strengths, and know you can get what you want.

Manifestation Lessons About Energy

You cannot manifest just anything. You can only manifest your true hearts desires. Think clearly about what you want, and don’t jump into it straight away. 

Do not lie to yourself about what you really want, or you risk reducing your energy. Be genuine about what you want and you will feel strong on the inside. Make sure what you want is what YOU want, and not what someone else wants and expects.

Aim for a goal that is 2-3 times greater than the life you currently have. Once you reach those goals, you can aim even higher. 

If you’re new to manifestation, then aiming too high will feel like lying to yourself. This will interfere with your ability to manifest. 

Live according to your purpose because purpose gives you strength and resilience in the face of obstacles. Without a clear purpose or direction, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to manifest anything.

Protect and strengthen your aura by clearing your body with sea salts, eating healthy and nutritious foods, and by taking cooler or cold showers.

Remember that negative emotions erode your manifestation energy. Having a strong aura will help to protect you from other people’s negativity.

Also, associate with positive people as much as possible, and minimize the time you spend around negative people. You tend to mirror the characteristics of people around you unconsciously, so it is important to be selective in the company you keep.

Change or reframe your negative emotions and feelings. This will boost your mood, vibration and energy for manifestation. Focus on good things. What you focus on will grow.  You can choose to focus on positive things instead of negative things.

You can learn to change your thoughts like you change your shoes because your mind is like a computer program. The mind must be programmed the right way to manifest. 

Affirmations powerfully change your subconscious programming. Read affirmations daily. Spaced repetition is the key to changing your mindset. 

Affirmations have more power when they are positive, stated in the present tense and also evoke your imagination and emotions. Creatively imagining the affirmation is true, and feeling the ideal outcome with your emotions, will send a new signal to your subconscious mind. 

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