7 Resilience Skills


F*ck the King’s Horses and Men I believe, in spite of obvious challenges along the way, that I’ve been managing quite a lot of stress rather well. I know the eye-swelling-shut incident would tend to argue the other way, but I’ve decided to cut myself some slack. In fact, that’s a great starting point, and … Read more

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

figure buried by rocks

My last published post is now almost 9 months old. It’s been a rough interlude. I’ve taken some time. I needed to, and while I’m not sorry, it is good to be back in the world, so to speak. I had planned to share tips and tricks for dealing with caregiver stress, or stress in … Read more

How Not To Deal With Caregiver Stress


If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve likely noticed that I’ve posted mainly guest reviews over the last week. I also didn’t post on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is highly unusual because I’ve been publishing content every day. Faithful readers have probably guessed that momz finally had to go into the hospital – and … Read more