Knowing Hypnosis Helps You Guard Your Mind

In previous posts, I’ve discussed hypnosis. I’m a big fan of hypnosis.  I believe it is a collaborative process that gives people fantastic tools to help themselves. This post explores how understanding hypnosis, and how trance states are induced, can help you guard your mind against undesirable influences. I’ve mentioned that hypnosis is a natural … Read more

5 Basic Steps For Hypnotizing Anyone

Hypnosis is nothing to fear or mistrust. This post is a general overview of the 5 basic steps for hypnotizing anyone. Full disclosure: I’m not yet an expert. I was first exposed to hypnosis about a year ago through Inspire3’s Hypnosis Bootcamp, and Hypnosis Live offerings. I found hypnosis profoundly helpful. That’s why I’m currently … Read more

It Works! Hypnosis Bootcamp Review

This is my review of Hypnosis Bootcamp. I purchased Hypnosis Bootcamp in fall 2019. They have 5 major areas of focus: weight loss, confidence, law of attraction, wealth, and brain power.  I absolutely loved the programs. (Yes, I upgraded and got them all.)  I would recommend the bootcamps because I noticed changes in myself, but … Read more

How Can Hypnosis Help You?


Hypnosis guides you into a state of calm relaxation. This helps you to focus, to suspend your conscious critical mind, and to be more open to suggestions. You can experience hypnosis either by visiting a hypnotist, or through a hypnosis recording. Hypnosis recordings are often available as MP3 audio downloads that can be played on … Read more