7 Resilience Skills


F*ck the King’s Horses and Men I believe, in spite of obvious challenges along the way, that I’ve been managing quite a lot of stress rather well. I know the eye-swelling-shut incident would tend to argue the other way, but I’ve decided to cut myself some slack. In fact, that’s a great starting point, and … Read more

How to Squeeze 1-Hour of Meditation into Just 12 Minutes: Guest Zen12 Review

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Is this new brainwave program really the next-generation of meditation? Karl Moore decided to find out. Try a free sample MP3 download, and get started today! How to Squeeze 1-Hour of Meditation into Just 12 Minutes: My Personal Zen12 Review By Karl Moore Over 10 million Americans regularly practice meditation, according to Psychology Today magazine. … Read more

Review of Brain Salon Brainwave Entrainment

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The following guest post is a review of the Brain Salon brainwave entrainment program. Feel free to try before you buy with a FREE MP3 demo to download. I am a huge fan of brainwave entrainment because I know, from experience, that it creates real change from the inside out. Literally, the physical structures and … Read more

What is Practicing Mindfulness?

I love meditation. I meditate everyday. It’s insanely beneficial, and you should meditate daily as well. Meditation and mindfulness are very similar, and the terms are often used interchangeably. However, they are not wholly the same. This post will address the confusion between mindfulness and meditation, and tell you how you can practice mindfulness anytime, … Read more

The 4 Noble Truths

All life is suffering. All suffering is caused by desire. To end suffering, end desire. To end desire, follow the 8-fold path. The Truth About Suffering ​People suffer because they resist what is. In the end, all suffering comes from three rules that govern the world created by the mind: Everything changes and eventually passes … Read more

The Power of Intention

Setting your intention before beginning any meditation, learning, or personal development activity helps you to remain focused, and tells your brain to which information, out of the the millions of bits of information you process every second, to pay attention. In other words, your intention directs your attention. How to Set Your Intention To set … Read more

Heart Activation Breathing (HAB) Exercise

HAB Exercise for brain heart alignment

Stress is the silent killer. Breathing exercises are fabulous stressbusters. The following heart activation breathing (HAB) exercise helps to align and synchronize your head and your heart. Breathing relaxation exercises are  a crucial part of emotional self-regulation and stress release. Breathing exercises and meditation help you feel more balanced and emotionally available for the people … Read more

Training for Meditation and Better Health

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Compassion Meditation Training Schedule This is an outline of an 8-week compassion meditation training protocol. Each week focuses on developing particular skills. Week 1 Training components: Developing attention and stability of mind Introduction of basic meditation techniques for focusing attention for increasingly longer periods of time. These techniques are included in the practice of all … Read more

Meditation and Mindfulness for Beginners

Meditation and Mindfulness for beginners

There’s some buzz around mindfulness lately as people look for healthy ways to cope with stress and manage destructive emotions. Meditation and mindfulness are scientifically proven to enhance the brain, but there’s some misunderstanding about what mindfulness is, and how meditation can be done, so I’ll be digging into those ideas in this post. Mindfulness … Read more

4 Types of Brain Waves

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There are 4 main types of brain waves separate from gamma waves. Each brain wave state has particular characteristics and benefits. Brainwaves are measured in cycles per second, or Hertz (Hz). Delta (0-4 Hz) is the slowest pattern, and is associated with dreamless sleep. A handful of advanced spiritual seekers, however, learn to remain alert … Read more