Covid-19 Makes Momz scared to go to the Hospital

I’m hella scared, and I don’t know what I don’t know. Doc says I shoulg get momz to the ER. I agree. Momz is fighting me. Pandemic has her scared of catching COVID at the hospital. I don’t blame her. Caregiver Stress. Heavy day today. Just got off the phone with Momz cardiologist. I’m trying … Read more

KBB World Summit 2020 – Day 3

3 Act Play

Today is all about mastery. How do you really scale and take it to the next level, and how to create an implementation plan. The reason most people fail is because they don’t self-assess in a way that’s completely honest and vulnerable. The way you do that is using the Mastery Map – where you … Read more

KBB World Summit 2020 Notes Day 2

Fearless Squirrel

The “Fearless Squirrel” reminds us all to bravely be who we are, and to persist in the face of adversity. Knowledge brokers aren’t born. They’re made. Today’s featured speakers include: Jamie Kern Lima, Trent Shelton, Russell Brunson, and Brendon Burchard. Dean Graziosi Marketing equals momentum. It means making it real! Take what serves you and … Read more

World Summit 2020 Day 1 Notes

Momentum Tony Robbins

If you read my post yesterday, I do have an update for you. However, I want to share these notes from the KBB World Summit that took place from October 2-4, 2020. The fabulous speakers include: Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and Jenna Kutcher. Topics include personal development, business development and marketing. Dean Graziosi We’ve sometimes … Read more

Truth is Meaningless?

We each create meaning and truth in our own minds. People talk about living “their truth.” Are there varying degrees of truth, or is truth absolute? I am coming to accept that truth is entirely subjective, and depends on what you believe about life, about yourself, and about others. Unfortunately, this leaves me adrift in … Read more

Tony Robbins Interviews AI Humanoid Robot

Tony Robbins Interviews AI

Tony Robbins interviews an AI robot named Sophia. The video calls Sophia the world’s first AI humanoid robot. Check out the 10-minute interview below. I’m grateful Tony did this interview because I’ve been apprehensive about AI, and the possibility of some nightmare-Matrix-like future. (To be clear, AI means artificial intelligence.) Learning about something is a … Read more

The Map is Not the Territory

tourist map of Italy

“The map is not the territory” is a phrase coined by Alfred Korzybski in the 1900’s. What does it mean though? It means that our ideas about how the world works will only ever be an approximation, or an estimation, of the ‘actual’ world. You cannot drive on the lines of a map, nor swim … Read more

What do you need: We are Abundant Already

Already dreaming of abundance

I’ve observed that many people who are unhappy, are unhappy because they do not believe that all their needs are being met. Truthfully, most people have their needs met, and often more than met. We confuse needs and wants, and this is an important distinction to make if we want to feel abundance in our … Read more

The Human Experience

Sometimes people get stuck in cause and effect. We assume other, external factors are responsible for our life conditions. We are each solely responsible for the way we experience life. This constant truth can empower us all, if we let it. We are all meaning making machines. We experience an event, give it a meaning, … Read more

A Brief Introduction to Frameshifting

Shift perspective

Frames are like boxes. We put things in a box and label it, and this is a generalization. Recall our brain filters our perceptions through deletions, distortions, personalzations and generalizations. When we shift our frame, we shift our perception. Then, the whole world changes. People have problems and those problems are usually of two kinds. … Read more