7 Resilience Skills


F*ck the King’s Horses and Men I believe, in spite of obvious challenges along the way, that I’ve been managing quite a lot of stress rather well. I know the eye-swelling-shut incident would tend to argue the other way, but I’ve decided to cut myself some slack. In fact, that’s a great starting point, and … Read more

The 4 Noble Truths

All life is suffering. All suffering is caused by desire. To end suffering, end desire. To end desire, follow the 8-fold path. The Truth About Suffering ​People suffer because they resist what is. In the end, all suffering comes from three rules that govern the world created by the mind: Everything changes and eventually passes … Read more

You Can’t Deny Your Shadows

Every person has parts of themselves that they’d rather not admit or accept. These are personality shadows, or things you don’t like to bring to light. Repressing or disowning certain qualities in yourself creates more of that quality. Conversely, when you acknowledge the quality you free yourself from it. It’s a general rule that all … Read more

Are You Fueling Your Suffering?

It is possible that the choices you are making in your life are adding to your suffering. Understanding this can help you to minimize your suffering. No, you are not responsible for the choices other people make, or for the actions of other people. However, with a few exceptions, your suffering comes from the choices … Read more