Become Securely Decisive and Successful

How to be decisive

According to Bob Proctor, decisiveness is one of the characteristics of successful people. He claims that successful people make decisions quickly, and change them slowly, while others make decisions slowly and change them quickly. I believe anyone can learn to be more decisive, and that decisiveness helps to build a positive self-image because it builds … Read more

Heart Activation Breathing (HAB) Exercise

HAB Exercise for brain heart alignment

Stress is the silent killer. Breathing exercises are fabulous stressbusters. The following heart activation breathing (HAB) exercise helps to align and synchronize your head and your heart. Breathing relaxation exercises are  a crucial part of emotional self-regulation and stress release. Breathing exercises and meditation help you feel more balanced and emotionally available for the people … Read more

Positive Mental Direction Exercises


It’s important to notice when the negative images, thinking or talk creeps in, and then replace those with the good images, thinking and talk. Doing this over time will completely transform your thinking, from the inside out and alter your whole life trajectory completely. Keep reading for 2 simple exercises to help you out. Every … Read more

Cognitive Priming Tip Create A Vision Board

Zen Rock Pile bamboo grove

Psychology today states: Priming is a phenomenon in which exposure to one stimulus influences how a person responds to a subsequent, related stimulus. These stimuli are often conceptually related words or images. Prime your brain with a clear vision of your goals by creating a vision board. You must impress your future vision and goals … Read more

Get Clarity, Set Goals, Take Action

Possible Impossible Street Signs

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, then your explicit and implicit beliefs might be out of alignment, or you might not have enough clarity about what you are trying to achieve. You must get clarity about what you want, set goals and commit to them, and take action. Do Your Beliefs Align There are … Read more

Positive Self Image Activities

lady boxer kisses her gloce

Positive self image activities, like shadow boxing exercises in personal development and psychology, are mental rehearsals designed to reprogram the subconscious mind fast. Shadow boxing is one of many creative visualization techniques which can help you achieve your goals. Practice is the art of repeating something until it feels normal. Shadow boxing helps you feel … Read more