Desire for More in an Expanding Universe

The universe is expanding, evolving, ever changing and growing, and so are you. As a human, you’re constantly called to expand, just like the universe you inhabit. It’s in your nature is to desire more, to expand and grow, to evolve and change.

Your free will gives you the ability to choose to expand. However, you also have the power to resist, block or sabotage that expansion, consciously or unconsciously.

Desire is Good

Sometimes, desire gets a bad rap. Either desire is looked upon negatively as greed or selfishness, or desire is thought of only in sexual terms. Desire is more than any of that: it is a signal from the universe that you need to make a change, to grow or evolve in some way.

When you allow yourself to expand, you feel excited, passionate, engaged, and alive. When you don’t allow yourself to expand, perhaps because you doubt your ability or worthiness, your experience becomes one of hopelessness, despair, resentment and resignation.

Because you live in an ever-expanding universe, you constantly have new energies, possibilities and desires moving through you. You have the power to choose to accept these possibilities, or to shut them down. You can cooperate with your desire, or you can resist it.

Personally, I love desire. Just like desire makes sex more pleasurable, desire also makes life more pleasurable. Embrace your desires.

Find the areas of your life where you are discontent, and make changes. This is not selfish, rather it is the best thing you can do for the people around you because you will be happier and more engaged in life. Possibilities are exhilarating!

Support Your Growth

When the voices of doubt come up, having a support structure in place helps you. Consider working with a life coach or mentor, or join groups on social media that can support and encourage you. By having support, you will be more accountable, and you will more easily align yourself with that which is in the process of becoming.

The quality of your life is, and will always be, influenced and determined by the quality of your relationships. Focus on relationships that feel good. Focus on relationships that support you and encourage you and hold you accountable for what you claim to want and desire. Having accountability will help you stay on track when you lose focus or motivation.

Everything You Desire Already Exists Within You

When you make the choice to go with the flow, you open the door to the new version of yourself that is waiting to be revealed. Allow your desires to exist. Desire is not bad. Cooperate with your own expansion. Don’t resist it.

A better, more expanded version of yourself is something that you acknowledge, and claim for yourself. It is just waiting to be discovered.

To be clear, you don’t need to create your best self. It’s not something you need to strive for because your greatest self already exists within you.

I urge you to embrace, rather than suppress, resist or deny, whatever life is causing you to desire. Identify the next version of yourself that is longing to be expressed. Then, consciously align with that expansion.

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