Get Clarity, Set Goals, Take Action

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, then your explicit and implicit beliefs might be out of alignment, or you might not have enough clarity about what you are trying to achieve. You must get clarity about what you want, set goals and commit to them, and take action.

Do Your Beliefs Align

There are 2 basic types of beliefs: explicit and implicit. An explicit belief is consciously declared. Implicit beliefs come from the subconscious mind, meaning you’re not aware of the belief.

For example, you might declare, “I want to create financial abundance in my life.” However, you may simultaneously believe, “Rich people are greedy and corrupt.” Your explicit and implicit beliefs must align, or you will self-sabotage.

I discuss limiting beliefs in several other posts. You can search for limiting beliefs, and oodles of results will pop up. You can browse through those, and download this FREE manifestation breakthrough kit to magnetically attract success and abundance.

Today, I’d like to discuss goals. Let’s get started.

Get Committed

A mentor is a critical part of success, and one of my mentors, John Assaraf, likes to ask the question: “Are you interested in achieving your goal, or are you committed?” He explains that the difference is the level of risk you are willing to tolerate.

Essentially, when you’re interested, you take actions that are easy, and give up when the going gets rough. However, when you are committed, you take action, and you keep taking action even when it sucks or gets hard.

As John Assaraf suggests, I will encourage you to ask yourself: are you interested, or are you committed?

Dream Big

Another issue that seems common,I know I’ve done this, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, the other common issue is picking a goal that isn’t really in alignment with your deeper values and desires. Please read this post on Mary Morrissey’s 5-point test for more guidance on ensuring your goal is truly worthy of you.

Dare to dream any dream you want. Just be sure it is your dream, and not what someone else tells you you should want. Okay? That’s all I’ll say about that for now, but you can check out this post for more advice on living without regrets.

Get Clarity

The first step towards achieving any goal is to gain clarity on what, specifically, you are trying to achieve. Get detailed. Think about the little things. Only then can you go build your dream with any chance of success.

Write it Down

Now you’ve got your dream, and you’ve gotten clarity on your goals – right down to specific details. Write it down! Statistically, studies have shown people are something like 70% more likely to reach a goal when they write it down.

The next thing to do is to review your goals regularly. Read them every morning. Trace you finger over the words as you read because this activates more of your senses, and helps you to focus.

Visualize Achieving your Goal

As you read and review your goals, visualize yourself achieving them. Imagine that you have achieved them.

I like to take 5 minutes to do this every morning, but you can do this anytime. The time does not matter, daily consistency does.

Not only will creative visualization attract things, people and resources into your life, but it also kind of tricks your brain into thinking you’ve already achieved your goal because our brains can’t properly distinguish the difference between a memory, and something we imagine in detail.

Aside from activating the law of attraction and manifestation, creative visualization of achieving you goal does 2 powerful things:

  1. Visualizing your goal in detail helps to boost your self image in your subconscious mind because you’re regularly spending time visualizing yourself experiencing the success you desire. This helps you feel more successful, and be more successful.
  2. Visualizing your goal in detail makes your brain produce good-feeling, reward chemicals. These chemicals reinforce your actions, and help keep you motivated to take action.

Goal setting and visualization are important, but action is critical.

3-2-1 Action!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the language around the law of attraction is misleading. There is no effortless path to success. Quick fixes don’t work. What works is consistent inspired action.

Consider upgrading your knowledge and skills. Imagine what you could achieve, what skills you could learn if you spent only an hour per day upgrading your knowledge.

Maybe you could use what you learn to create something meaningful and rewarding. Whatever you choose to learn, study a little every day.

I think the critical key, at least in my own life, has been learning to focus my action in a particular direction. Random action diffuse your energy, and that will not be very effective.

This is part of why clarity of the goal is such a crucial, foundational step in becoming successful in whatever goal you pursue. It helps to focus your actions.

What Stops Action?

So often we talk ourselves out of acting  we just don’t feel worthy of the success we crave in a deep place in our mind. This is why overcoming self limiting beliefs is so critical.

Often, don’t know where to begin, and get overwhelmed. There’s no need to get overwhelmed.

In 15-30 minutes of inspired action everyday, you can create an exceptional life. Really, that’s all it takes. 15-30 minutes a day over a period of time will get you there.

If you want to climb a mountain, you can try to run to the top, or you can hike at a steady pace. However, you will still reach the summit if you take only one step towards it every day, or every hour.

Success is not always a sprint. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. A goal is progressive. The key is to pick a direction, and to keep moving in that direction.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t see the results you want straight away. However, just as a seed takes time to germinate and grow shoots, so does your goal sometimes take time to mature and grow. Be patient.

If you’re not committed, this is where you might stop pursuing your goals. To save yourself the time and expense of trying a little and failing over and over, not to mention what this can do to your self image, invest the time in getting clear on your goal, making sure it’s what you really want, and committing to it.

You can dip your toe into success. Me, I’m a cannon ball kind of gal! If you dabble, you’ll lose. Commitment’s importance cannot be understated.


Let’s say you’ve taken the time to get clarity about your goal. You’ve pictured the little details, and you’re sure that your goal is what you really want. You review your goals daily, you visualize, you study and take consistent action. However, things are not happening.

In my experience, focus and consistent action will trump just about any life circumstance. However, let’s say that you’re doing all the right things, but you’re still stuck.

Well, given you have clarity (and this is usually the issue, but assuming you have this sorted) there are 2 likely reasons you’re stuck:

  1. You need to be more patient. Recall the seed that takes time to grow, and know that you’re developing strong roots that will shoot up in their proper time.
  2. You have a conflict between you stated goals, and your implicit, subconscious beliefs.

If you’ll remember, your explicit and implicit beliefs MUST be in alignment for you to reach your goal. However, implicit beliefs are unconscious, so the only way to really detect them is to see the results in your life. If you’re stuck, the result indicates a conflict in your beliefs and needs to be addressed.

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