Grateful for Gratitude

Being grateful for the things you can be grateful about right now is a powerful way to manifest your desires. Aside from boosting your manifestation power, gratitude is also a powerful mood stabilizer and anxiety reducer. When you focus on what you’re  grateful for, you do not focus on whatever is stressing you out. Therefore, it’s essential to find as many things as possible to feel grateful for right now.

Practicing gratitude is especially useful when spiraling into negativity.

Maybe you’ve been feeling anxious because of the global pandemic. Perhaps someone said something that bothers you, and you’ve been replaying it in your head. Gratitude is a fantastic way to reduce your negative thinking, and calm any anxiety, or negative emotions, you might be feeling.

Practicing gratitude is not a one and done exercise. Rather, it is important to feel gratitude throughout your day, as often as possible.

I find it helpful to couple gratitude with a frequent daily activity, like washing my hands. Every time I wash my hands, I think of something I’m grateful for. In this way, I achieve a grateful state multiple times throughout my day.

Initially, it was awkward, you know? It felt a little forced. However, I quickly found that the more grateful I was, the more reasons I found to be grateful.

In fact, say that to yourself as an affirmation, if you like, to help your gratitude practice along:

“The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful.”

Like me, you might find it a bit difficult, consciously forcing yourself to come up with something (anything!) to be grateful for. Trust me, it gets easier with practice. Remember it takes time to build a new habit, so be gentle with yourself as you build your new gratitude practice.

The key, for now, is to suspend your disbelief, and just do it. Trust the process, even if you don’t understand it yet.

Remember that you are trying to develop a relationship with your subconscious mind. Even if things feel a little weird or counter-intuitive, you will be amazed at how quickly you feel a difference!

Once established, your gratitude practice will help you to be more open to intuitive guidance and inspiration. This will lead you down all the right paths to your goals and dreams.

Begin Your Gratitude Practice Now

Think of at least 10 things you can feel grateful for right now. Jot them down as a list of bullet points. If you can think of more than 10 things, then write those down as well.

I like to begin my day by thinking of 3 things I’m grateful for. Today, I took a moment to be grateful for seat-warmers (what I jokingly call my rump roaster) in the car. I took a moment to be grateful for the laugh I shared with my husband before I came to work. I took a moment to be grateful for the coffee I drank.

Sometimes, it’s hard to create a feeling of gratitude or joy out of thin air. If you are feeling particularly blocked right now, that’s okay. Actually, it’s totally normal. If you’re struggling to think of something you’re grateful for, try to think of really basic things to begin.

For example, if it is very hot or cold, perhaps you can be grateful for your heating or cooling. If you got to work safely, you can be grateful that you did. You can be grateful for you senses, for your life, for your loved ones. Do you have enough to eat, and access to clean drinking water? Some people don’t, so that is something to be grateful for. Did your sports team win their last game?

What things can you begin to take notice of in your life that you are grateful for?

Now, look over your list, and really feel the gratitude for those things. Not just thinking about feeling about gratitude in your head, but actually feeling gratitude in your body, and in your heart.

It might help to quickly imagine the opposite of what you are grateful for, and then redirect your focus to the thing for which you feel gratitude. Be persistent with this. That’s why it’s called a gratitude practice. If you fall out of the habit, gently remind yourself to get back on track.

Expect gratitude throughout your day. Declare your intention to experience gratitude today.

Pay attention, and really start to notice the things that go on during your day today. Be mindful of the things for which you can feel grateful.

Feel it in the moment those things happen. Jot it down, so you can recall it on some future day when you might be struggling. See how many things you can feel grateful about.

Then feel it!

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