Heart Activation Breathing (HAB) Exercise

Stress is the silent killer. Breathing exercises are fabulous stressbusters. The following heart activation breathing (HAB) exercise helps to align and synchronize your head and your heart.

Breathing relaxation exercises are  a crucial part of emotional self-regulation and stress release. Breathing exercises and meditation help you feel more balanced and emotionally available for the people around you.

I suggest you grab your phone and record the following post so that you can play it back as a meditation. Remember to speak slowly and clearly! In the future, I will create a guided audio for you and post a link to it here when it’s ready.

Heart Activation Breathing (HAB) Exercise

I want you to take your right-hand and place it on your chest,  

just to the left of centre, so that it covers  

your heart.  

As you do so  

I want you to start focusing  

on your breathing,  

concentrate on breathing in a nice 

comfortable rhythm,  

A little deeper than normal 

not forcing your breath,  

just a comfortably deep breathing rhythm.  

As you do this,  

you will find yourself relaxing more and more  

with each breath.  


with each breath in, 

 I want you to feel that breath go through your heart,  

physically feel each breath in pass through your heart.  


with each breath out,  

I want you to feel that breath pass through your heart,  


physically passing through your heart  

as you breathe out.  

Breathing in through your heart

Breathing out through your heart 

Breathing in through your heart

With each breath in you are breathing in calm, relaxed feelings 

Breathing out through your heart

and with each breath out, you are breathing out all the stresses of your world  

and letting them disappear out into the atmosphere.  

Breathing in through your heart 

Taking in calm, relaxed feelings  

Breathing out through your heart

Breathing out all the stresses of your world  

and letting them disappear  

into the atmosphere.  

Breathing in through your heart 

Breathing out through your heart 

And you find your breath continues  


In a deeply relaxed rhythm 

With every breath you relax more 

and the more you relax  

the better you feel,  

and the better you feel  

the more relaxed you feel,  

and the more relaxed you feel  

the more comfortable you feel,  

and the more comfortable you feel.  


as you relax deeper 

And deeper 

Continue to breathe comfortably 

Through your heart 

Just so 

let me explain how this works.  

It is possible to measure the electrical pulses from both the heart and the brain  

and this can be viewed on monitors showing peaks and troughs in these pulses.  

When you are in a place that is not calm,  

those monitors will show peaks and troughs that are completely out of sync,  


When you concentrate on breathing through your heart 

Like that 

for as little as two minutes  

You start to bring those peaks and troughs  

into alignment,  

until they match  



You think clearly from the heart and the head.  

Don’t you 

Your head,  

on its own,  

can lie to you  

because it protects you from harm.  

Your heart,  

on the other hand,  

tells you the truth,  

the truth from the core of who you are.  

When you put both in alignment  

you can see any situation clearly.  


as you remain in this relaxed state  

and breathing in and out through your heart  

I want you to think about three things in your life that, 

if you could,  

you would be grateful for  

right now.  

They don’t have to be big things,  

they could be as simple as being grateful for waking up this morning  

as many around the world didn’t.  


it could be feeling grateful for your family,  

your home,  

the food you have to eat and the water you have to drink,  

what 3 things can you be grateful for right now? 

I’m going to be silent for a moment while you think of 3 thinks you are grateful for 

Very good 

Let you hand relax comfortably by your side 

Now, you can slowly start to return to the room.  

Take your time to open your eyes and allow them to re-focus and,  

if your hand is still on your heart, you can allow it to drop to a comfortable position.  

Take a look around the room and  

notice two things that you either haven’t noticed for a while  

or you have never noticed before.  

What is the first thing?  

And what is the second thing that you have either not noticed for a while  


you have never noticed before?  

Now that you have returned to the room and you are back here with me,  

how do you feel? 

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