How to Access Motivation and Flow States

There is a secret trick to tapping into nearly unlimited sources of motivation, and it all has to do with aligning with your deeper values. Your values guide your decision-making, like a GPS. You might feel off-course if your decisions, or circumstances don’t align with your values. When you align with your deeper values, it’s easier to enter what’s known as a flow state.

In a flow state you are insanely productive. Time flies by. When you’re in the flow, things pour out of you like you’re a spout. It’s relaxed, and ultra-focused. Getting into a flow state requires a combination of knowledge and challenge.

This is the secret gem in every challenge. It can pull us into ultra-performance states.

It’s still going to be work, don’t kid yourself. However, it’s less rough because it’s something you are on board with on a deep level. There’s curiosity and engagement. You care.

Motivation and Values

We’ll get back to flow state in a bit. For now, let me ask you, have you ever felt like your give-a-damn was busted?

Many people think they have a problem with motivation. They think they need to be more motivated. They’ll pay tons of money to listen to a motivational speaker to tell them what I’m about to tell you, ready?

You may feel that your problem is not enough motivation. Your problem has nothing to do with motivation. Your problem is that you are out of alignment with your values.

Please go ahead and download the free values workbook below. This is a fantastic resource I’ve made for you because I believe values are too often overlooked.

What Makes You Tick?

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We tell ourselves we need to be more motivated. We never ask if we lack motivation because we’re not acting in accordance with our values.

Your values drive your actions because they shape your beliefs, and your thoughts, and your feelings. Values are incredibly important in personal transformation because our values drive your actions, determine your outcomes, and ultimately determine a measure of satisfaction in your life. Values cannot be neglected.

If you value family, then all of your decisions that you make are going to be based on what is good for your family. You will feel dissatisfied with your job if it violates your value of family.

2020 has been a crazy year so far…pandemic and all… They’re doing the Stanley Cup (hockey) playoffs in bubbles up here in Canada.

There is a player named Tuukka Rask. He recently opted out of playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs in order to be with his family.

Now, Tuukka Rask is, by all accounts, living the dream. He is a professional hockey player. Of course, there are trade-offs, even in a normal year. There’s a lot of travel in professional sports. However, home and away games give you a chance to go home and connect with your family.

In 2020, because of the coronavirus pandemic, hockey players have been isolated. They haven’t been able to go home and see their families.

If you’ve ever done a Skype call, or things like that with your family, you know it’s better than nothing. However, it’s not the same as spending time with your family, and so what Tuukka Rask did was he opted out. He bowed out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

His values were out of alignment with his work. It made him miserable. In the end he chose his values.

Now if you are not someone who values family you will look at that decision and think it’s absolutely crazy. However, I’m someone who does value family, and so immediately, I look at that and I understand.

Can you think of a time you felt miserable at work? Is it possible that something in your circumstances was out of alignment with your values? Satisfaction comes from acting in alignment with your values.

Your values underpin every decision that you make. If you lack motivation, it is a sign that you are out of alignment with your values. However, when your deeper values and external challenges align, you become more motivated naturally.

Get into Flow State

In this state, it becomes easier to transition into a flow state. If you’ll recall, earlier I sad flow state was created by two things: knowledge and challenge.

You need to be challenged. Challenge is not a bad thing. It can be exciting.

Challenge helps you focus. It pushes your performance to new heights. It sparks creativity.

Challenge only feels bad when you feel you don’t have the knowledge or skills required to meet the challenge. It is a good practice to upgrade your skills and knowledge regularly because this will help you to access flow states more often.

That’s why both knowledge and challenge are essential to reaching flow state. Knowledge to do what you need to do, and challenge to keep it interesting. After all, people need both certainty and uncertainty.

Getting into flow involves drawing on skills you already have. If you’ve never used a spreadsheet before, and now you need to make one, good luck getting into flow on that task. However, if you are very skilled at graphic design, and someone hands you a big project, your odds are much better.

Final Thoughts

You do not need to be more motivated. You need to do tasks that align with your deeper values. Your values drive your actions. When you align with your deeper values, you become more motivated naturally.

Download the free workbook above to sus out your values.

Flow state requires knowledge and challenge and focus. Challenge only feels bad when you feel you don’t have the required knowledge or skill to meet the challenge. It is a good idea to upgrade your knowledge and skills regularly.

Overall, working in alignment with your values, and accessing a flow state can make your work feel easier.


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