Increase Mental Strength With Every Thought

These are second hand notes of mental strengthening exercises and practices from Andy Shaw.

​Albert Einstein wrote,

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

But don’t confuse mental strength with positive thinking. Increasing your mental strength requires virtually no effort at all, whereas positive thinking requires sustained effort when performed the wrong way.

Mental weakness is created by lack of structure in thinking. With a little structure added, then mental strength can be spirally gained in the same way as mental weakness can spiral to the point of suicide.

Here’s a simple structured thought to ask yourself at every opportunity,

‘Is this thought helping me or harming me?’

This is a thought to keep playing in your mind when you become aware of ANY thought. It adds awareness to your thinking, and can help you become aware of, and eliminate, negative thought patterns.

This one simple structured thought replayed again and again, over time, becomes effortless. Slowly, changes to your thinking occur. Then more and more negative, or mental weakening thoughts, are let go of sooner. Then, again slowly, those disempowering thoughts stop forming.

The reduction of thoughts which harm leave more room in your mind for mental strength gaining thoughts. These are thoughts which help you, and support your success.

Therefore, to raise your consciousness so that your current world problems simply can no longer exist, all you have to remember to do to question if a thought has value to you or not. Just keep asking yourself, “Is this thought helping me or harming me?” Then, respond accordingly by choosing only thoughts that support and empower you.

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