Intention and Manifestation

In a previous post, I said that intention directs attention. Intention is critical to manifestation because energy follows focus. You set your intention, this focuses your attention, and helps you to manifest your desires.

It is vital that you be aware of what is going on in your head in terms of images, thoughts, meanings and stories you tell yourself. Make sure you stay focused on what you want.

You need to think about what you want, and how you can get it, instead of thinking about what you don’t want. This correctly sets your mental direction. Otherwise the energy will not flow in the right direction. 

Not having a clear direction, goal or intention is kind of like being in a rowboat with only one oar. You’ll just go around and around in circles, without getting closer to your goal. If you waste your energies travelling in directions you don’t need to go, then you are slowing your progress and squandering your energy.

Commit to getting things done, no matter what. This sets your intention in a very clear direction. 

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Develop single-minded focus towards your goal. This means doing relevant physical actions, and removing distractions. Re-direct your wandering thoughts to your intention to stay focused on relevant tasks. Learning to develop focus is a skill which you can gradually improve with practice. 

There are 4 types of focus: overall, task general, task specific and nano. Look at, and correct, each of these areas one by one. As you bring the first 3 areas of focus into alignment, you will find that nano focus is possible. Nano-focus is when you are able to get into “The Zone,” and where serious manifestation will begin to happen. 

Imagine double or triple of your goal. This stretches the possibilities acceptable within your subconscious mind. You should do this for a few minutes every day. 

Learn to be happy, forgive others and be non-judgmental. 

It should go without saying: always treat others with respect, in both words and actions. Be compassionate and honest, and show integrity in everything you do. You can choose to be happy, forgive others and be non-judgmental. Change the inside, and the outside will change accordingly.  

Invest time in your goals. The more time you spend, the more your creative energies are building towards manifesting that goal. 

Always seek to learn and to upgrade your knowledge and skills. Read books on how to achieve your goal, so you can gain good ideas, a better understanding, and more confidence. Learning about others who have accomplished the success you want gives you a model for how to achieve your intention. It gives you the mental and tactical tools you need for manifestation. 

Improve every single day. Imperfect progress is better than perfect inaction. Do things, and then do them even better. Keep the mindset that there is always a better way. Enjoy your healthy curiosity, and use it! Always be growing, expanding and improving. 

Learn to control the frame as much as possible. By controlling the frame, I mean to guard your mind. Be wary of people who cram their opinions down your throat, or who always have to dominate a relationship or a conversation.

At least have an equal frame in all situations. Coming from a position of equality is always best for healthy communication and relationships.

A weak frame in a situation weakens the mind. Acting like a sh*t-eating doormat does not feel good, and will harm your self-image. Don’t do it, and don’t allow it. Keep your power, and your self-respect.

Be empowered, instead of disempowered, in situations. Your mind is stronger, and your manifestation energy is stronger, when you feel empowered.

You don’t have to be bossy or arrogant or rude, but you do need to be sure others are not dictating how you think or feel or speak or act. A strong frame increases manifestation leverage through control, strength, and composure. 

Create positive mental associations. This makes positivity and empowerment a natural habit for you. Think of your goal and your favourite colour, or number, or texture. Starting to link or associate your goal with your favourite things will help you to feel good about your goal, and to be motivated to reach your goal when the going gets tough. 

Your imagination is your primary tool to rewire your subconscious mind. Nothing will change until you reprogram your subconscious mind through use of your imagination, so creatively imagine what it would be like to have your goal.

Read affirmations every single day. This was a total game-changer for me. It’s not a quick fix. Rather, affirmations need spaced repetition to be truly effective. Try recording your affirmations so you can listen to them while travelling, or so you can free your mind to creatively imagine the intention you are affirming.

Mini pep-talks, such as “come on, you can do it” can help in any situation where you need a little boost. Never call yourself names when you make mistakes or struggle. Your self talk and what you believe about yourself directly influences your capabilities in a given moment. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. 

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