It Works! Hypnosis Bootcamp Review

This is my review of Hypnosis Bootcamp. I purchased Hypnosis Bootcamp in fall 2019. They have 5 major areas of focus: weight loss, confidence, law of attraction, wealth, and brain power.  I absolutely loved the programs. (Yes, I upgraded and got them all.)  I would recommend the bootcamps because I noticed changes in myself, but their webpage has some outrageous claims.

Outrageous Claims I had to Test

“If you have 30 minutes a day, and an MP3 player, you have everything you need to lose weight, boost your confidence, increase brain power, make more money, or turn on The Law Of Attraction … all in only seven days.”

Truth time: Some of the audios are closer to 45 minutes, but that’s as long as it gets, and the time actually flew by. Yes, my life was massively improved within 7 days of listening to the bootcamps. However, if you think you’ll order the wealth bootcamp, and become a millionaire in 7 days, then you’ll be disappointed. It doesn’t work like that.

Here’s what I did notice within 7 days:

  • I was more relaxed, and I was able to relax more quickly and easily
  • I learned to put myself into a trance state at will
  • I was more confident (from all of the bootcamps, but especially the confidence one, obviously)
  • I felt happy and noticed positive things, people and situations around me more often
  • I learned to summon the relaxed, happy and resourceful states at will
  • My memory improved
  • My attention to detail improved
  • I was thinking differently about the area of my life the bootcamp addressed
  • I was thinking differently in general
  • I looked for solutions instead of dwelling on obstacles
  • The actions I was taking felt easier and more natural
  • I was actually taking action instead of just planning and wishing as I often did
  • I was applying resources and knowledge from the bootcamp to other areas of my life beyond the scope of the hypnosis audio (ie – in my relationships)

Outrageous Claims for Each Bootcamp

Enjoy Einstein intelligence and dramatically boost your memory, focus, and thinking speed with the Brain Power Bootcamp…

Did I increase my brain power in 7 days?


My memory and focus went to another level. My performance at work did improve because my memory, confidence, attention to detail and resourcefulness improved.

These benefits have persisted. In other words, I still enjoy heightened focus, better memory and improved attention to detail, and it’s almost a year later. I guess it goes to show you that changes in the brain are really changes in the brain.

Instantly magnetize health, happiness and abundance with the Law of Attraction Bootcamp…

Did I turn on the law of attraction in 7 days?


I felt happier and more abundant. Every morning my connecting bus would be stopped at the intersection waiting for me. I was so grateful because transfers can be such a pain!

Did I manifest a desire here? Yep. I sure did!

Is this what most people think of when they think of manifestation and the law of attraction? Probably not.

I didn’t manifest my dream life, but I was happy to have this experience anyway. First, it made my morning commute so relaxing! Second, this small success gave me the confidence to dream bigger, with faith.

Turn on your millionaire mindset and give your money accounts a VIP Upgrade with the Wealth Bootcamp…

Did I make more money in 7 days?


My income/wealth stayed exactly the same.

However, my attitudes and beliefs about wealth and money did begin to change. I had a more positive attitude towards wealth and wealthy people, and I finally got it into my head that money isn’t good or bad. It’s just money. It’s a tool, like a hammer, that is only good or bad based on how it’s used.

Lose 20, 40, 60 pounds or more of your most stubborn fat starting with the Weight Loss Bootcamp…

Did I lose 20, 30, 40 lbs in 7 days?


My weight stayed exactly the same within the 7 days. I’m okay with this. Honestly, losing more than 2 lbs per week after the first week or two on a diet is very unhealthy.

However, I did change my eating habits, began exercising, (I used to joke that I don’t run unless something’s chasing me, so you can imagine what a big change that was!) and reduced my alcohol intake significantly.

Skyrocket your self-esteem, charisma, and overall happiness with the Confidence Bootcamp…

Did I boost my confidence in 7 days?


I felt amazing! I walked taller, and I looked people in the eye. Both of these habits previously had been hit and miss for me. I also learned to summon the feeling of confidence at will. This bootcamp in particular had a positive impact on all of my personal and professional relationships.


How much does hypnosis cost? After I stumbled across Hypnosis Bootcamp, I looked into what 7 hypnosis sessions with a certified hypnotist would cost. There was a range of prices. The cheaper side of the average price range was $200 for the first, intake session, and $75 for each session after. That adds up to $600 for 7 sessions. Knowing what I now know about hypnosis, and how well it works, this price is reasonable.

In comparison, if you go to the main website, their advertised price for all 5 of the bootcamps together is $497. That’s 35 hypnosis sessions for less than the price of 7. And, it gets better! I didn’t pay anywhere near that much!

Hypnosis bootcamp often runs sales, and if you visit the site through my link, then discounts will be automatically applied. Also, pro tip, if you get the sample through my link, then wait a few days to a week, they’ll offer you a sweet deal via email follow-up.

Who knew hypnosis could be so effective, and so inexpensive?!

Additionally, Hypnosis Bootcamp blankets all of their products with a 365-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. To this day, I have never been tempted to ask for my money back.

Which Hypnosis Bootcamp Would YOU Choose?  

If you had the choice of losing weight, making more money, turning on the Law of Attraction, building your confidence, or boosting your brain power, which would you select?  

My Conclusion

It doesn’t matter whether you ‘believe’ in hypnosis or not!

Hypnosis Bootcamp works. It’s definitely worth a try. Full disclosure, I’m an affiliate. I became an affiliate late spring 2020.

However I built this website, and became an affiliate because I’m a product of the product. Hypnosis Bootcamp is a valuable tool in your personal development toolbox. Check it out here.

If you do try Hypnosis Bootcamp, then I’d love to hear about your experience. Did it work? How did it feel? What did you like, or not like about the program? Would you recommend it to a friend? Any pros and cons off the top[ of your head? 

Share your thoughts with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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