KBB World Summit 2020 Notes Day 2

The “Fearless Squirrel” reminds us all to bravely be who we are, and to persist in the face of adversity. Knowledge brokers aren’t born. They’re made. Today’s featured speakers include: Jamie Kern Lima, Trent Shelton, Russell Brunson, and Brendon Burchard.

Dean Graziosi

Marketing equals momentum. It means making it real! Take what serves you and put the rest on hold.

Selling is service! If you don’t share you’re not helping. There’s somebody out there with a problem that you can solve. The ones that serve you – those are the ones you can take action on. Uncomfortable action. Choose commitment over convenience!

We need to change our story and change our life along the whole way! Each level of life that you get up to requires you to change your story and your belief. It’s not just one change of story. The belief that gets you out of Egypt is not the same belief that you need to get to the Promised Land! It’s about changing the story at each level, each day even.

There are things in your life – when you wanna find time – that you’ve been saying yes to for a long time. But some things that you say yes to might make you say no to your bigger future. So audit your time. How we use those 24 hours is what makes the difference. Filter your time and ask if some particular habit serves you at this stage or not. And knock off and say no to those habits accordingly. Or get someone else to help, or find a good replacement which is more efficient.

Throw out the things that don’t serve you. Use that time to find “You 2.0.”

Jamie Kern Lima

She shared hilarity with this photo of the “Fearless Squirrel” which serves to remind us all to bravely be who we are, and to persist in the face of adversity.

Fearless Squirrel
Fearless Squirrel
  • The biggest accomplishment in business is often: just not giving up
  • A big no can feel like a big deal, but a no can also increase your why
  • Your turnaround can be sudden
  • Her why: remove the doubt about themselves that every woman/girl has about not looking like a model
  • QVC: she always had an “internal knowing” that she belonged on QVC, she finally got a meeting, got a YES!
  • Trust your gut and remember who you really are at your core
  • 3 yrs of NO got her to become the largest beauty brand in QVC history
  • She has done 1 000 live shows on QVC in 8 yrs
  • You can’t fake authenticity! You really have to be really who you really are
  • Our biggest threat is never what others are doing; the threat is when you dilute yourself by reacting to them
  • She ended up hiring the guy at QVC who had rejected her
  • One day people call you weak, crazy etc.. and then one day, they start calling you genius, the best, amazing!
  • Nobody can tell you how big your dream can be
  • You need to get really good at cheering yourself on
  • 2016: L’oreal acquired her company for $1.2B!
  • She is the first female CEO in L’Oreal’s history; she doubled the size of their business in 2 yrs!
  • 3 yr post-acquisition: sometimes, you get your significance in your comfort zone, and you stay there. From the outside, it looks like it’s a dream come true, but you realize that you are no longer supposed to be in that spot anymore.
  • If you stay in your comfort zone, it can come at the price of your soul
  • You are not here to compete with others; you are here to be all that God has made you to be
  • Don’t say yes to everyone but end up saying no to yourself
  • God doesn’t call the qualified; he qualifies the called
  • Success tax: all your rejections, failures, criticisms that you have gotten, that is the tax of your paid dues for the success that will ensure.
  • We all have a microphone, and we decide who we let speak into it and when we turn the volume down
  • Struggles make you strong enough to handle the weight of the success to come

Trent Shelton

  • Over 1B people across all platforms have seen his videos

Your perspective is either your power or your prison.

  • There is nothing worse than having your dreams come true, and in reality, it ends up being the nightmare of your life: he got to the NFL, and then in the following years, he got cut 8 to 9 times from team to team.
  • Sometimes you need to lose the way, to find the way
  • If you stepped out of yourself, would you follow YOU? Would YOU want to be led by YOU?
  • There are people that you have never met that need you!
  • We are so afraid to start small.
  • If you never start, you will never finish.

There are 2 types of people:

  1. 2020 is the end of their story
  2. 2020 is the year that transformed them

Create confidence by failing (failing is part of success)

  • If you are always perfect at practice, that means that you are not pushing yourself
  • The hardest work is the one you do on yourself

Create connection: understand your magnet

  • The places you attend have a magnet. Your magnet could be something that you don’t like about yourself.
  • Ask people: What is it about me that stands out? Maybe it’s how you uplift, educate, inspire etc…

Create your prescription for your connection:

  • Emotion: touch someone’s emotions
  • Educate: give something
  • Entertainment: it could be doing “cinematic” videos

Create a community: you are nothing without them

  • Give your community a name
  • There is no following without followers
  • Do something for free to give value to the community
  • You will never truly be able to measure impact. Some of the people that you have impacted the most will never tell you.

Create consistency: there is no point in being successful if you are going to lose yourself in the process.

  • How can we be consistent on things we hate, bad relationships, habits etc… but have a hard time being consistent on things that are good to us?
  • Either: it doesn’t mean that much to you, or you don’t understand how much it costs you
  • In reality, you don’t have a consistency problem; you have a commitment problem.
  • We are all trying to look sexy while we are trying to succeed.
  • Just because you have had some bad chapters, doesn’t mean that your story can’t end well.
  • Stop treating your dream as a hobby and then be not happy when you have hobby results
  • Transparency will lead to your transformation
  • Understanding: listen – hear- understand
  • Execution: stop being in planning mode forever

Create change: people need to hear your voice

  • Fear is creating a known result in a situation you have not experienced yet! Instead of thinking about how you will grow and what you will learn
  • People will criticize no matter what. Might as well give them something great to judge
  • Critics are confused supporters


(Notes by Heather Welch)

  • How to get your dream customers to come to you
  • He created click funnels
  • There’s something you’re good at, something you’re amazing at
  • Step 1 – His #1 mistake (didn’t do the next part first, you must do this) – explain first before you start everything you went through to ‘learn it or earn it’ to gain their attention
  • Step 2 – Create a framework for your customer’s success
  • Step 3 – Give it a proprietary name – turn into a product
  • Record course: Phones nowadays are better than video cameras
  • Create a presentation on Google slides (camtasia records your computer screen). Talk & teach your presentation
  • Set up Zoom & teach in a zoom room
  • Mastermind.com software
  • Click funnels — sell potato gun DVD – add on an offer of kit included instead of having to go to Home Depot
  • First book ‘without a funnel’

“Whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins” ~ Dan Kennedy

  • Book funnel – free book, pay S&H – add audiobook as well ⅓ say yes – add offer to add all books ¼ of customers say yes – 3 day event offer: 1/10 say yes. Makes money every time selling a book instead of losing money on ads.
  • Value ladder – where are you going long term with this?

The Value Ladder

How to get traffic:

Dream 100 Strategy

  • Find your dream 100. Who already has your dream customers?
  • My job is to get in front of those people
  • Podcast – look at the top 10 – see all the podcasts in your specialty.
  • Easy to get on a podcast: Contact host. Will you interview me? Can I buy an ad on your show?
  • Who is your dream 100? Work my way in or buy my way in. go check out my website. Move through the value ladder.
  • You’ve been called to Serve!!

Brendon Burchard

  • Achievement is not the problem; alignment is.
  • Alignment is purposeful and fulfilling
  • People are scared to be seen starting small

ESP: Expert Story Positioning

  • Tell us about the: struggle – search – solution
  • Explain the challenge you had and how you got to the solution

Content strategy:

  • The grid: 3 price points: low-mid-high (book-course-seminar)
  • The grid can be used for each one of your topics (leadership, personal development etc…)
  • Sales structure: Sales is not about yourself but a by-product of your service; it’s a skill.
  • Sales can be: Answering people’s FAQ and add storytelling to it

All sales letters or sales videos should present info in this order:

  • Tell what’s possible
  • Tell us the problem
  • Tell us what makes you the expert
  • Tell us the main ideas of your product/service (benefits + features)
  • Tell us why it’s different from what’s out there
  • Tell us about the great deal that we will get
  • Give us some bonuses
  • Share testimonials: social proof that it works
  • Give us a call to action – an irresistible offer!
  • Subscription: helps you plan your spend for the next few months for your teams/ads
  • Ad a free course
  • Upsell with a subscription then
  • Upsell with a seminar or 1on1 coaching

Have the right mentality

  • Adopt the role model mindset: people are observing your behaviour, so level-up your own integrity

Step into the shoes of your higher self

  • CEO mindset: I own my dream.
  • Imagine at the end of your life, God asking you: How faithful were you to sow the dream that I put over your heart?

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