Keep it Simple, Lazarus

What is the Lazarus Technique?

The Lazarus Technique in NLP calls us to simplify an issue into just one word, or sentence, or phrase. It’s the K.I.S.S. principle.

Have you ever known someone who likes to dominate a conversation? Forcing such people to distill their comments, stories etc. into just one word or phrase.

Have you ever had scattered thoughts, or trouble focusing? By distilling your ideas into a single word or phrase, you force yourself to get specific. That helps you get clarity on the issue you’re facing.

In the Lazarus technique, you try to boil the issue down to one word. This helps you to cut to the chase faster.

You don’t need a long story, or song and dance. Most of the time, these stories are a single interpretation, and don’t necessarily determine what is true.

Ideally, by boiling the issue down to a single word, getting simple, you shift your focus. Shifting your focus can help you take responsibility where it’s called for, locate the resources you need, and make change faster.

To do this is simple. Describe the problem in a single word. In just one sentence, explain what you want, or how your problem impacts you. Write one detailed paragraph of what your ideal outcome would be.

The Lazarus Technique

  • Just one word.
  • Just one sentence.
  • Just one paragraph.

State what you want in positive terms, avoiding words like “no,” or “don’t.” This helps you establish a general direction. Then you can use the well-formed outcomes model.

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