Law of Resonance Beats Law of Attraction

The law of resonance states that vibrations of the same harmonious frequencies, resonate with each other. This universal law may be the key to manifestation.

If you’ve heard of the law of attraction, then you’ve been exposed to the idea that thoughts become things. Perhaps you’ve been encouraged to visualize and think positively. Maybe you’ve done all these things, but you’re still struggling to manifest your desires.

I was excited to learn about the law of attraction, and I eagerly began applying it in my life. I had success manifesting little things, but I had yet to manifest the fulfilling life I was envisioning.

I didn’t understand why the law of attraction wasn’t working like a wishing well.

It turns out, the law of attraction is not what actually causes a person to manifest. The law of attraction is an effect. The real, true secret cause of manifestation is vibration and resonance.

We are spiritual beings, and our bodies are masses of energy that can change with our thoughts. Because the energy in our bodies can be photographed and scientifically measured, we know our thoughts change our energy.

Thoughts are potent energy. Though we live in a physical body, we are not our bodies, or our mind. We are energy having a physical experience.

So it goes like this:

Life is lived from the inside out.

I’m a spiritual being


I have an intellect


I live in a physical body


Everything begins as a thought


A paradigm is a framework of ideas. A paradigm is your subconscious programming, your beliefs and values.

As humans, we are gifted with astounding faculties: perception, will, memory, imagination, reason, intuition. We must use these abilities because problems in the body originate in the mind.

The conscious mind can accept or reject, through an exercise of will and reason and intellect. The subconscious accepts all. Where the conscious mind is intellectual, the subconscious mind is emotional.

We must learn to live from the thought, to the idea to the thing; from the spirit to the intellect to the physical. In this way we live from the inside out.

The idea becomes the dream becomes the result.

When we think, we make pictures in our mind. All to often we let external factors control our thinking.

We see our present results, and we believe this is all we are, and all we’ll ever be. Thinking this way only attracts the same crappy result over and over again. Things should not control our thinking.

The truth is we are programmed to think in this way. This programming is a paradigm that keeps people stuck.

Someone else gave you this programming, and we must change it.

We get our subconscious programming from our early environment and life experiences. Once the self image develops, the paradigm develops.

We learn from a young age to let external things like grades or clothes tell us who we are.

School taught us to gather learning consciously, but it didn’t tech us how to alter a paradigm. Unfortunately, knowledge does not necessarily translate into results. The paradigm creates the result.

It is crucial to shift the paradigm. We must live from the inside out if we are to be authentic, empowered and successful.

Shifting the Paradigm

Start with the thought, then move to the idea, then move to the thing. As long as external thing control your ideas and thoughts, you’re thinking upside down.

Focus on what you want. You might be amazed at what thoughts from the universal consciousness pop into your mind.

Focusing on what you want drives your behaviour and actions, and those determine your outcomes. Build the idea, the idea will work.

The thought crates a vibration, and leads to an action. The action sets the vibration in the body.


The external world: the body, things, these are all tools and instruments of the mind. Get your mind right!

To get your mind right, you need to hack your awesome subconscious, and make sure you’re thinking in the right way, automatically. This will support your success.

Meditation, affirmations, gratitude, visualization, subliminal messages, brainwave entrainment, hypnosis and NLP: there are dozens of ways to reprogram the subconscious mind. Check out the FREE resources and downloads page for more information.

Spaced repetition is the key to cementing new learning. Pick something from the list above (or several somethings) and commit to practicing it daily. This will create new and lasting neural pathways in the brain.

It is important to act on new ideas right away. Success loves speed.  Make a committed decision, and follow that with action.

It should go without saying, but it needs to be said because the “effortless” language around the law of attraction is misleading:


You can accomplish amazing things by thinking the “right” way, but consistent, daily action will always be an important part of success.

Think of the outcome you cant to achieve, and then work backwards. This is called chunking down.

Chunking down helps you to get at the specific details and action steps that can help you reach your outcome. The little action steps you take on the way to your outcome are your goals.

Planning your strategy in this way helps you reach lots of little goals. Reaching those little goals fires off happy-reward chemicals in your brain, and that keeps you motivated to take action.

Final Thoughts

The key to everything is how we think because thinking sets the vibration and determines the actions. How we think is a function of our paradigm.

It is crucial to learn to control or paradigm, or our paradigm will control us. Subconscious thoughts create powerful vibrations. We must always strive to keep our thoughts, feelings and actions upbeat.

The law of attraction manifests our vibrations. If you’ve not had success with the law of attraction, consider your vibrations.

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