Positive Self Image Activities

Positive self image activities, like shadow boxing exercises in personal development and psychology, are mental rehearsals designed to reprogram the subconscious mind fast. Shadow boxing is one of many creative visualization techniques which can help you achieve your goals.

Practice is the art of repeating something until it feels normal. Shadow boxing helps you feel more natural in uncomfortable situations because you’ve mentally practiced being comfortable in uncomfortable situations until you are comfortable, naturally.

How will you act and move and speak and think once you have reached the goal you desire? How will you feel? Shadow boxing let’s you practice the success you crave before you experience it in the physical world.

This technique can minimize fears of public speaking, and reduce social anxiety. Mental rehearsal has been used by astronauts in the Apollo program, by Olympic athletes, business and sales professionals, as well as transformational coaches and speakers.

It is an excellent way to improve your performance and boost your confidence. It helps you act and feel more natural in awkward or frightening situations. Let’s get started!

Shadow Boxing Exercise

Sit quietly.

Be aware of the flow of your breath, in and out. Not judging how fast or slow, deep or shallow your breathing is, just observing the natural rhythm of your breathing.

When you’re ready, close your eyes.

See yourself already achieving the specific (health, wealth, relationship, personal, professional, spiritual) goals you have for yourself. Imagine your future success, your ideal outcome in detail. Use all of your senses. See it in your min’s eye, feel it and hear it.

Role play with yourself and ask yourself questions:

What are you wearing?

Who are you with?

What are you feeling?

And doing?

What emotions are you experiencing?

What does your environment look, sound and feel like?

The more detailed you are, the more easily you can retrain your unconscious self-image of yourself.

*This exercise can be done in a quick 5 minutes, or you can decide to take longer. Learning the script for your new self-image and self-worth requires focused attention and spaced repetition, so it really sinks in.

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