Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi I’m Kim. Welcome to the Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclaimer page on I was raised to respect privacy. And I do.

Privacy has become a rather antiquated notion. Most people don’t even miss it anymore.

Assume that anytime you do anything online, anytime you use an app, anytime you spend money, anytime you carry a cellphone – you have little or no privacy.  Don’t even get me started on gadgets like Alexa and Google Home!

If you’ve ever read the terms and conditions and permissions associated with apps and websites, then you know your usage data is constantly being collected. Here at, I do it too.

The purpose of this policy is to be transparent about when, why and how I collect your personal data. There are times I share that info with a 3rd party: like Google Analytics, and this policy gives me a space where I can be upfront about that too.

To summarize, I use cookies, analytics and other 3rd party programs that can access and collect certain data. I do this so that I can analyze what’s working for me online, and so that I can grow my business with more relevant and successful keywords, content and marketing campaigns. All information collected by is secured with industry-leading technology.

I’m going to make you a promise, okay? I promise I will never sell your email address, or other personal information. I promise I will operate with integrity because I want there to be trust between us. I truly do value your privacy. It’s how I was raised.


Who Is


Hi, I’m Kim, founder of If you didn’t catch it already, I value privacy: mine, yours, the ability to have privacy in general.

Any successful relationships require trust. I want my business to be successful, so it is vital that I create and maintain trust with my users. Like my dad says, “Trust is like virginity. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”  I wouldn’t do you like that.

I will do everything in my power to be helpful and recommend useful products, and make some money in the process :). I will never rent, sell or trade emails and other personal info with other companies. In other words, I will sell to you, but I won’t sell you out.

I want everyone who visits to feel secure and protected. I take measures to ensure this site operates with the highest level of security and integrity – both it terms of the information I collect, and how the information is used.

Now that I’ve given you on overview of how privacy is respected and protected at, let’s get into the nitty gritty.


Cookies uses cookies on your computer.

These are not dessert cookies. These are website cookies. You can clear cookies at any time. Cookies are how I get paid, and how gets the information it needs to provide you with services.

Website cookies capture actions – clicks: passwords you enter to access a website, placing items in a shopping cart, and making purchases. Usually there’s a time frame in which you have to make your purchase in order for me to qualify for commission. Thee cookie tracks that too. If you click on my link and make a purchase within the timeframe, then I get paid.


Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a third-party service used by to capture browser information about how you interact with my website. It is a vital tool for me as in internet marketer because it lets me know my website traffic, and more specifically, which parts of my site you engage with most. Your identity is kept private. Neither nor Google attempt to identify you.


Website Comments


In website comments, you can identify yourself, or you can use an alias. If you use an alias, consider yourself in stealth mode. stores you details like your name and email when you comment, enabling the comments to be viewed onsite. Storing this information gives you authorship; it allows us to show your comments as ‘your comments’ instead of just plain extra content.

I love website comments! I invite your comments and questions at Your comments don’t need to be fact-checked and verified. I do request that we treat each other with respect.


Third Parties


Your location and IP address, and other browser info can be shared with third parties in some cases. This particularly true if you participate in domain registration, or keyword research etc. on the fantabulously powerful Wealthy Affiliate platform 🙂


Access to Your Personal Information


Email me personally anytime if you want to delete, change or view your personal information. My email is: I will delete your data from at your request.


Changes to Our Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is subject to change, and I’ll let you know if I change it. It is always available to view. If you use this website, I will assume that you have read, and accept this privacy and use of information policy.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! I didn’t know if anyone actually looked at privacy policies. Hopefully it hasn’t been a total snooze-fest.