Thanksgiving and Gratitude 2020

Gratitude is the secret to happiness and abundance. defines gratitude as the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. If you’re Canadian, then today is Thanksgiving Monday. In honor of the holiday, I want to share some things I’m grateful for. A gratitude list is never complete, and always evolving, and the following … Read more

Grateful for Gratitude

Being grateful for the things you can be grateful about right now is a powerful way to manifest your desires. Aside from boosting your manifestation power, gratitude is also a powerful mood stabilizer and anxiety reducer. When you focus on what you’re  grateful for, you do not focus on whatever is stressing you out. Therefore, … Read more

What do you need: We are Abundant Already

Already dreaming of abundance

I’ve observed that many people who are unhappy, are unhappy because they do not believe that all their needs are being met. Truthfully, most people have their needs met, and often more than met. We confuse needs and wants, and this is an important distinction to make if we want to feel abundance in our … Read more