5 Secret Tips to Boost Concentration & Focus


Focus and concentration are key requirements for success. Your ability to concentrate impacts your manifestation because concentration directs the subconscious mind. We’ll explore secret tips that will help you boost your concentration and focus, and support success. First, download this FREE manifestation breakthrough kit to magnetically attract success and abundance. Secret Tip 1: Don’t believe … Read more

Intention and Manifestation

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In a previous post, I said that intention directs attention. Intention is critical to manifestation because energy follows focus. You set your intention, this focuses your attention, and helps you to manifest your desires. It is vital that you be aware of what is going on in your head in terms of images, thoughts, meanings … Read more

Boost Your Energy For Manifestation


I have said that the law of resonance is the true power behind manifestation. Resonating at the same frequency as your desires will cause you to manifest that desire. Resonating at the right frequency to attract your desire will require you to boost your energy for manifestation. Before we dive in, download this FREE manifestation … Read more

The Subconscious, Attention & Manifestation


Read this post to increase your manifestation ability. Unleashing the phenomenal power of your mind will help you to achieve your life’s goals. This post draws upon my own research and experimental trial and error. Ready? Let’s begin with defining what manifestation is. What is Manifestation? Manifestation is the process of bringing thought energy into … Read more