Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It!

If the problems I am dealing with were someone else’s problems, I would have great advice to give. Intellectually, I know good actions to take. Why don’t I take my own effing advice!? Apparently, I’m not alone in this struggle. Dan Ariely is a  behavioral economist, best-selling author and advice columnist for The Wall Street … Read more

Desire for More in an Expanding Universe

The universe is expanding, evolving, ever changing and growing, and so are you. As a human, you’re constantly called to expand, just like the universe you inhabit. It’s in your nature is to desire more, to expand and grow, to evolve and change. Your free will gives you the ability to choose to expand. However, … Read more

The Map is Not the Territory

tourist map of Italy

“The map is not the territory” is a phrase coined by Alfred Korzybski in the 1900’s. What does it mean though? It means that our ideas about how the world works will only ever be an approximation, or an estimation, of the ‘actual’ world. You cannot drive on the lines of a map, nor swim … Read more

Notes on The Shocking Truth About Happiness

The Shocking Truth About Happiness T. Harv Eker

The following post contains the notes I made while watching a T. Harv Eker seminar online called “The Shocking Truth About Happiness.” It’s like a Coles Notes version, but mine, so it’s Kim’s Notes! You can check out T. Harv Eker’s free trainings here. The Shocking Truth About Happiness The way we’re taught to be … Read more

The Givens of NLP and Personal Development

Kim's Notes on NLP Study the brain

The following list of presuppositions, or “givens” were teaching I gleaned from NLP practitioner training. Many of these are counter-intuitive, so please keep an open mind. The Givens of NLP, Your Personal Power Matrix The past does not equal the future. You had a past experience or outcome. You generalize that future experiences will be … Read more

The Human Experience

Sometimes people get stuck in cause and effect. We assume other, external factors are responsible for our life conditions. We are each solely responsible for the way we experience life. This constant truth can empower us all, if we let it. We are all meaning making machines. We experience an event, give it a meaning, … Read more

Perception and Human Experience

mental filters

Recently I’ve been geeking out on the brain. I’ve learned that how we feel, and the stories and meanings we create in our minds, determine our day-to-day actions. Today, I want to talk about mental filters. Our mental filters impact our internal perceptions, the meanings we assign to events, the stories we tell ourselves, our … Read more