The Map is Not the Territory

tourist map of Italy

“The map is not the territory” is a phrase coined by Alfred Korzybski in the 1900’s. What does it mean though? It means that our ideas about how the world works will only ever be an approximation, or an estimation, of the ‘actual’ world. You cannot drive on the lines of a map, nor swim … Read more

The Human Experience

Sometimes people get stuck in cause and effect. We assume other, external factors are responsible for our life conditions. We are each solely responsible for the way we experience life. This constant truth can empower us all, if we let it. We are all meaning making machines. We experience an event, give it a meaning, … Read more

Perception and Human Experience

mental filters

Recently I’ve been geeking out on the brain. I’ve learned that how we feel, and the stories and meanings we create in our minds, determine our day-to-day actions. Today, I want to talk about mental filters. Our mental filters impact our internal perceptions, the meanings we assign to events, the stories we tell ourselves, our … Read more