Review of Brain Salon Brainwave Entrainment

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The following guest post is a review of the Brain Salon brainwave entrainment program. Feel free to try before you buy with a FREE MP3 demo to download. I am a huge fan of brainwave entrainment because I know, from experience, that it creates real change from the inside out. Literally, the physical structures and … Read more

Desire for More in an Expanding Universe

The universe is expanding, evolving, ever changing and growing, and so are you. As a human, you’re constantly called to expand, just like the universe you inhabit. It’s in your nature is to desire more, to expand and grow, to evolve and change. Your free will gives you the ability to choose to expand. However, … Read more

Always Waiting for Something to Happen

Waiting for something to happen

Sometimes, if you’re not having success, you might be waiting for something to happen. The outcome you want will always be the result of something you do. Waiting for something to happen doesn’t work. Making more money, and living a more fulfilling life comes from the decisions you make, and the actions you take. It’s … Read more

6 Elements for Personal Change

personal change

Real results come from action. You need a cohesive, strategic toolkit, and a map through the obstacles. Here are the top 6 elements necessary for systemic, lasting, profound personal change. Find a Mentor Get Inspired Regularly Gather Wisdom Be On the Cutting Edge Leverage the Power of Community Read 1. Find a Mentor The qualities … Read more