Notes on The Shocking Truth About Happiness

The Shocking Truth About Happiness T. Harv Eker

The following post contains the notes I made while watching a T. Harv Eker seminar online called “The Shocking Truth About Happiness.” It’s like a Coles Notes version, but mine, so it’s Kim’s Notes! You can check out T. Harv Eker’s free trainings here. The Shocking Truth About Happiness The way we’re taught to be … Read more

A Brief Introduction to Frameshifting

Shift perspective

Frames are like boxes. We put things in a box and label it, and this is a generalization. Recall our brain filters our perceptions through deletions, distortions, personalzations and generalizations. When we shift our frame, we shift our perception. Then, the whole world changes. People have problems and those problems are usually of two kinds. … Read more

How to Get Rid of Self Limiting Beliefs

Core Beliefs Flower

Before you can get rid of your self-limiting beliefs, you need to know what those beliefs are. This post helps you discover, reframe and overcome your limiting beliefs. The brain is a powerful goal-seeking mechanism. It makes whatever you put into it come true in your life because human beings have a powerful need for … Read more