How Do Subliminal Messages Work? 

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Subliminal messages can’t make you do or feel anything against your will. However, they do help your subconscious mind to align with your conscious goals.  Subliminal Definition “Subliminal” is a word made up of two parts: “sub,” which means under or below, and “liminal,” which means threshold. Subliminal messages are therefore presented “below the threshold” … Read more

The Activation Method

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The activation method helps you move your conscious goals into your subconscious mind to make their achievement more automatic. There are three components to this process: visualization, focus and repetition. Step #1: Visualization ​Take a few minutes visualize your ideal life. Think about it as if you’re programming the vision for your ideal life into … Read more

Positive Self Image Activities

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Positive self image activities, like shadow boxing exercises in personal development and psychology, are mental rehearsals designed to reprogram the subconscious mind fast. Shadow boxing is one of many creative visualization techniques which can help you achieve your goals. Practice is the art of repeating something until it feels normal. Shadow boxing helps you feel … Read more