Positive Mental Direction Exercises


It’s important to notice when the negative images, thinking or talk creeps in, and then replace those with the good images, thinking and talk. Doing this over time will completely transform your thinking, from the inside out and alter your whole life trajectory completely. Keep reading for 2 simple exercises to help you out. Every … Read more

Kim’s Notes on Winning the Game of Fear with John Assaraf

Mind prison winning the game of fear

These are my notes from John Assaraf’s online webinar called “Winning the Game of Fear.” He discusses how to manage fear and still take action toward our goals. In this webinar, John Assaraf takes the viewers through the science of fear, and the scientifically proven ways to handle fear. Winning the Game of Fear There … Read more

Wu Wei Daily Life

wu wei river with rock piles

In high school, one of my favourite teachers first introduced me to the Taoist “wu wei” concept. Roughly translated, wu wei means “non doing,” something like that. It’s been a heck of a long time since high school. I tried to use it to justify not doing my homework, or chores. “Nice try,” was the … Read more