The Activation Method

goals activation method

The activation method helps you move your conscious goals into your subconscious mind to make their achievement more automatic. There are three components to this process: visualization, focus and repetition. Step #1: Visualization ​Take a few minutes visualize your ideal life. Think about it as if you’re programming the vision for your ideal life into … Read more

Always Waiting for Something to Happen

Waiting for something to happen

Sometimes, if you’re not having success, you might be waiting for something to happen. The outcome you want will always be the result of something you do. Waiting for something to happen doesn’t work. Making more money, and living a more fulfilling life comes from the decisions you make, and the actions you take. It’s … Read more

Get Clarity, Set Goals, Take Action

Possible Impossible Street Signs

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, then your explicit and implicit beliefs might be out of alignment, or you might not have enough clarity about what you are trying to achieve. You must get clarity about what you want, set goals and commit to them, and take action. Do Your Beliefs Align There are … Read more