The Activation Method

The activation method helps you move your conscious goals into your subconscious mind to make their achievement more automatic. There are three components to this process: visualization, focus and repetition.

Step #1: Visualization

​Take a few minutes visualize your ideal life. Think about it as if you’re programming the vision for your ideal life into your left prefrontal cortex.

Step #2: Focus

In the next day or two, invest 15 to 20 minutes to write down what your goals are for this year and beyond in a very direct, clear manner. By writing these goals down by hand and reading them back aloud, you prime the “Einstein” part of your brain to achieve your goals. You are thus actively connecting neurons in the left prefrontal cortex around these goals.

Step #3: Repetition

According to neuroscientific research, repetition is how the brain gets wired to go from having conscious goals and dreams for your life, to non-conscious thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that work in your subconscious or non-conscious mind.

Make the activation method part of your daily ritual. Dedicate 15 minutes a day for 60 days to see and feel a real difference.

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