Oneness and Meditation

I’ve been trained to see “me”  as separate from everything else. The illusion of separation is false. The meaning of oneness can be found through meditation. Energy permeates and connects everything the universe.

As Francis Thompson wrote:

All things by immortal power,

Near or far,


To each other linked are,

That thou canst not stir a flower

Without troubling of a star.

Are We Just Energy?

I’ve heard that we are all energy and spirit having a physical experience. I’ve read that life exists to spread and dissipate energy in an expanding (and decaying) universe. In other words, we direct and spread energy, which is not the same as being energy. I’ve also read that rather than dissipating energy, we are the flow of energy itself. I’ve read that energy and consciousness and the divine are so similar so as to be indistinguishable.

We have physical bodies, and this shapes much of our experience. At the same time, we obviously have energy in our bodies, or brain scans, EKGs and other medical tests would be impossible. Not to mention we’d be dead.

Effects of Separation

Our minds break our life experiences into separate things and events. We judge some as good, and others as bad. Then, we feel at odds with ourselves and with others. We keep looking for something else. This can lead to feeling like something’s missing from life.

Separation makes us feel anxious. Hence the term “separation anxiety.”

What is Lateralization of the Brain?

When you feel separate, one hemisphere of your brain is dominant over the other. When one hemisphere of your brain is dominant over another, it is called being lateralized. This is what lateralization of the brain means.

The more lateralized your brain is, or the more one hemisphere of your brain dominates the other, the more anxious and separate you’ll feel. However, lateralization of the brain can be lessened and corrected.

Hemispheric Brain Synchronization

However, if you can get your brain hemispheres to synchronize, you’ll relax. You’ll see interconnection, and feel how everything flows together. You can be more productive, happier, and capable of more intimacy, creativity, and wholeness when you bring synchronicity to your brain hemispheres.

When your brain hemispheres synchronize, the brain produces more of a wide range of pleasurable and health-enhancing brain chemicals. These chemicals are associated with increased mental clarity and feelings of well-being.

Meditation is a great way to synchronize your brain hemispheres, and develop your brain in ways that reduce self sabotage and support success.

In addition to age-old spiritual benefits, thousands of research studies have demonstrated that meditation increases awareness, relieves anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. Also, meditation increases mental clarity and well-being, and reduces the stress associated with many medical problems.

However, some people are intimidated by meditation. They feel like they never have an empty mind, so it’s a waste to even try to meditate.

But, meditation is not about having an empty mind. It is about witnessing the chaos of your mental chatter from a removed, dispassionate distance without grasping at the passing thoughts. Observing your mental chatter, and releasing your emotional hold on it will build key areas of your brain that will support your future success.

Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

Brainwave entrainment technologies can help you experience benefits from meditation faster and with less effort than you ever believed possible. With brainwave entrainment technologies for meditation, your brain hemispheres automatically and effortlessly synchronize. With repetition, the hemispheres of your brain will remain in sync, even after your meditation session is over.

Brainwave entrainment technologies are the subject of a whole other post. For now, suffice to say I use my brainwave entrainment audios every day, and I think you should too. The link above will take you to a free sample to get you started.


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