Thought Diffusion Techniques: An Exercise

Strange as this is going to sound, thinking is often counterproductive to happiness, success and spiritual enlightenment. In this post, we’ll explore thought diffusion techniques though a simple mindfulness exercise.

You have complete control over your state of consciousness – your identity, experience and worldview. ​Learning how to shift into higher-functioning states is a foundational practice for those who are committed to being and becoming the best version of themselves.

As you learn to shift up into higher states, you feel more empowered, alive, connected and resilient. You start to notice the moments in which you start to drift down into tense, closed lower-functioning states (think blame, shame, worry, resentment, drama, defensiveness and gossip), you smile on the inside and you SHIFT UP. And as you practice this repeatedly, you realize that you are the CEO of your State of Consciousness.

Slow Thought Defusion

​Think of a situation that you are feeling stressed about. Notice the thoughts that you are having about that situation and find a short sentence that encapsulates the essence of what it is that you are stressed about, like “I’ll never get this work done on time.”

Now do the following: Drop your focus into the lower part of your abdomen, a couple of centimetres below your navel, and keep your attention there throughout.

The attitude you need for this is light-heartedness. Cease effort or trying, and smile inside. How you do this exercise is the key to receiving its benefit.

Now say the sentence about your stress very slowly and out loud. There should be at least five seconds gap between each word.

You can do it in your head if you’re in a public place and shy. I believe exercises are more powerful out loud. Many myths and stories involve creation through speaking.

As you do this, breathe gently, and keep your attention on the space in between each thought. This is the key.

It’s normal that your mind might try to rush you. If you notice your mind trying to rush things. just allow an even longer gap between each word.

Now repeat this whole process two more times. Once you’ve done this, notice what has shifted in your experience.

How do you feel?

Notice a sense of freedom around the issue. If you choose to do so, take advantage of your increased mindfulness and connection to source to ask yourself, “What do I need to do to address this issue?”

Either the issue is no longer a problem, or you’ll just know how to deal with it in a practical, balanced, and efficient way. Asking resourceful questions is another crucial activity you should do on the regular.

The truth is, we were never supposed to believe everything we think. One of the fundamental skills for conscious living and personal development is choosing what to believe.

If you’d like to read more about cognitive diffusion, please check out the link below.

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