What do you need: We are Abundant Already

I’ve observed that many people who are unhappy, are unhappy because they do not believe that all their needs are being met. Truthfully, most people have their needs met, and often more than met. We confuse needs and wants, and this is an important distinction to make if we want to feel abundance in our lives regardless of our circumstances.

“Aha” moments come from truth, not opinion. It is important to be grounded in facts and truth.

Thinking and learning evolves over time. Techniques without insight are valueless. We won’t know when to apply them. We are all different!

The more modern and ancient sciences of the mind can come together and work together, the more our knowledge will be explained. Our inner worlds are vitally important in promoting peace in ourselves, our families, societies and the world. Then, we will see life, and ourselves as a species, from a new perspective.

The truth regarding how life can be most effectively lived

The feeling part of our mind loves daydreams. Craft a vision for our life.  Take ownership of what we really want.

Feelings are fleeting. Living based on feelings gives us a yo-yo existence.

Thoughts constantly pop up. The little voice in our head puts us down and makes us indecisive.

Living on emotion is living by limiting beliefs. All beliefs are limiting by nature.

Beliefs form invisible foundations upon which we build our lives. Beliefs can change as our perspective changes. Growing up is about growing beyond limiting beliefs.

Personal growth comes with maturity. Maturity comes with responsibility.

We say things like, “I feel like it,” or “I wasn’t feeling it.”

We achieve growth through maturity, consistency, strength and decisiveness.

Strength of life is based on the strength of the beliefs upon which we base our life.

We have all of the resources that we need all the time. There is a difference between things we want and things we need.

Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states that all behaviour is purposeful. We are driven by needs.

Physiological needs include food, clothing, water, shelter, and warmth.

Security needs include financial, domestic, work, and other external factors feeding internal security.

Social security includes friends, family, relationship, and reproduction needs.

Egotistical security includes fame, fortune, progress, recognition and enhancement.

When we are no longer motivated by these external things, we become motivated by internal things, by understanding of ourselves and personal growth.

People generally have their basic survival needs met, or they die. These are the physiological needs I spoke of earlier.

People believe or perceive that they don’t have their basic needs met. They look to factors outside themselves for sustenance, fame, and fortune.

When is enough, enough?

Hoarding fills an inner security need. Money can feel like a reflection of our intrinsic worth and value.

However, if we focus on external factors for happiness, then we have missed the chance for happiness and fulfillment in the moment.

If you think you have all the resources you need or you don’t you’re right. Learn to separate your wants and needs. This will lead to a heightened state of gratitude.

We may not have met all our desires, but our needs have been met and more than met.

Above all, we must be gentle with ourselves through the process of change. It can be a sizzling adventure!

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