World Summit 2020 Day 1 Notes

If you read my post yesterday, I do have an update for you. However, I want to share these notes from the KBB World Summit that took place from October 2-4, 2020. The fabulous speakers include: Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and Jenna Kutcher. Topics include personal development, business development and marketing.

Dean Graziosi

We’ve sometimes been obsessed with learning. Now we’ve got to get addicted to action. Start off with “where am I with my life?” and be honest about it.

Ask why you’re at this event? What do you want to upgrade? Then ask where do you wanna go. Think about what you wanna do. Not what you don’t wanna do. We’re pointing at the wrong things. We’re focusing on things we don’t wanna do. Let’s focus on things that we wanna do.

Picture a dust cloud of life around you like the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. And don’t try and picture the world around you through that cloud.

Extract yourself from that cloud and jump forward a year. And look back on from that perspective at your alternate present reality, as being the best year of your life. What does that best year look like? What would your ideal year be? That’s how you can create your compelling future.

My Best Year

What does that look like? Write it out – IN DETAIL!!!

Be disturbed with yourself for inaction.

7 Levels Deep

Ask yourself “why” to the depth of seven levels deep. “Why” times 7:

Why do you wanna do this? Answer that.

Then ask why that particular answer? And so on and so on. Seven times.

Tony Robbins

Beliefs create and beliefs destroy.

These beliefs guide you.

It isn’t about getting. It’s about giving. The secret is to work harder on yourself than your job. Become more valuable – touch more people’s lives! Do stuff for other people and make yourself valuable. Invest in yourself.

There’s three levels of mastery:

  1. Cognitive Mastery. Learn learn and learn! It’s all about understanding. Knowing is not enough!
  2. Emotional Mastery. Feel it! Dig in and make sure it has a consequence
  3. Physical Mastery. You embody It is your identity.

Energy is the ultimate power. The more energy, the more alive you are!

Mastery is the repetition of improvement. You create your own gift. There is no substitute to persistence and repetition. But it starts with energy. No low energy. You train having energy into your nervous system.

People ask the question “how” when they start out on doing what they wanna do. That’s the tyranny of How. There’s is a sequence of achievement and it does not start with “how.” You have to be clear about your target. “How” will come later. You’ll figure it out.

The first thing is focus. Where focus goes, energy flows. And people tend to focus on what they don’t want. There’s the Forces of Creation:

  • 1) Focus on what you want. The power of absolute clarity

Clarity is power.

There’s a part of your brain called the RAS (reticular activating system). It determines what you notice. Our brains can only focus on a small number of items at a time. Your brain looks for ways to develop it into an innate skill.

  • 2) Massive action. Effective execution.

Imagine your goa. Do it through trial and error. You go with massive action and you keep changing your method and adapting.

Try something else. Keep trying something else. To speed it up, use a mentor.

Success leaves clues.

Go to someone who’s been there before and done the trial and error and figure what they did right. Role model upon what works. And yet adapt it to yourself. The delusion that most of us have is that life is a straight line.

  • 3) Grace. Whatever you believe in terms of a higher power.

Business is a spiritual “Do unto others the way you want to be done unto you.” The more you acknowledge what others have done, the more others will acknowledge you.

Keep your energy high.

Otherwise you’ll be down in all aspects of your life. Energy plays that big a role.

You can’t manage what your don’t measure.

Measure your energy. Ask yourself: “Where am I?” On a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is “unstoppable” and 0 is “dead.” Ask yourself. “Would I ever date a 5?” “Would I do business with a 5?” Nah. You want a 10/10.

Where does this energy come from if you’re down? It is a habit, which starts with a decision.

Your energy is shaped by your movements. And movement is a habit. It starts with your face. Your face has 37 muscles! And it’s the most under utilized part. Energize it! And make movement of your body a habit.

“Competition” in Latin means “conspiring together.”

We can conspire together to make each other better.

That’s competition. Demand energy and practice it till it becomes a habit.

How do you keep it high once you got it? Momentum.

How to Build Momentum

Keep doing things that keep you going. The start is crazy. How do you speed it up? The answer is in the diagram below:

Momentum Tony Robbins

Potential is pretty high. But it won’t give you results.

Maybe there’s a lack of certainty or belief in your potential. So there’s not a lot of action. See how the cycle moves?

So keeping the momentum is about developing certainty. But how? It’s like the chicken and egg. Where do you get the certainty? The answer is:

Model from the best.

Get results – even small improvements – over and over again.

Your belief is everything.

The “holding-finger-out-and-imagining-turning” exercise proves that. Your belief that you can turn all the way around with your feet fixed is what actually makes you turn around more than what you initially could. We worked on that vivid imagination and it actually came half way through. Imagine the result you want.

You have to create the result for the thing you want instead of the thing you’re afraid of.

As human beings we tend to focus on what we are good at. But to get results in all aspects of our life just rehearse rehearse and rehearse. The beginning is always rough. But keep at it. Keep that momentum going.

Never leave the sight of setting a goal without doing something in the moment that commits you to follow through and keep that momentum going.

What are the key questions to ask for growing a good business?

Here they are:

  1. Who’s your IDEAL CUSTOMER? Who will become a raving fan? What are their fears, what do they want, what do they desire Life is the dance between what your desire most and what you fear most. The more you know about your ideal client the more you’ll be able to do business better.
  2. What is your IRRESISTIBLE OFFER? Take away the Make people feel like an idiot if they don’t take it.
  3. OVER-DELIVER Give and market more than what they bargained for.

Don’t go more than an hour or 90 mins without moving and getting some of that energy!

If you experience stress when you’re away from your business. Remember. You’re a business operator and you wanna grow to become a business owner.

Operators are always stressed because they’re doing everything. That happens when you’re trying to initially grow your business. Start with an owners mentality and work ON the business, not just IN the business. Always look at adding value.

There’s two things that control every business. Innovation and marketing. Innovation is finding new and better ways of how to do more for your customer. Marketing is about keeping it fresh and alive.

There’s two business questions that you gotta answer:

-What business are you in, and how’s the business?

-What’s the chokehold on growth?

The blockades to business are 80 percent psychological. It’s about the mindset you’re in. Once you get over that it’s simple strategy.

In business, in ten years 96% of businesses fail. Only 4% make it! So you can’t just sit back and be without energy to run a business. You are not a failure.

Failure will not blaze on and do what it takes. Failure will only do what’s “comfortable.” You don’t do that!

Let’s talk about fears. Most humans have two fears. “I’m not enough” and “I won’t be loved.” But think about it.

Perfection is the lowest standard!

Everyone knows that perfection an impossible state, and trying to get there is just a road to beat yourself up. Pfft. Who wants that!?

Fear shouldn’t hold you back. Doesn’t matter if it’s not the right environment. You gotta reinvent things.

What’s achievable isn’t “perfect.” It’s “a little bit better every day.”

Communication Strategy Using Amazon Reviews

Go to Amazon and look up the top bestselling books on the subject you’re involved. Read the titles and comments.

Write down the words that people write when they love something and when they hate something.

Then you’ll get a sense of the direction to take too. And then figure out a message and communicate it.

ERASE PERFECTION. You can be totally lovable with imperfections. Perfect people piss everyone off.

You do not have to be someone else to be successful.

You just find the part of you that’s strong. Find the part of you that says “this is enough. Kick ass and take names!” And give that part a nickname! Use your body to make yourself strong. Repeat an incantation with your mind, voice and body.

Do anything that radically changes your state and you’ll see how your mindset changes too.

And make it a habit. Do this regularly. And especially – make a sound. It goes to an almost reptilian part of your brain and alters your physiology.

Make a sound of strength and shout it out whenever you can.

End Exercise

What are 2 goals in the next 6 to 12 months? 1 personal and 1 professional.

Personal goal –

Professional goal –

Why are these goals a MUST? Not a SHOULD, a MUST.

What’s kept you from achieving this in the past? What needs to change now?

What are two actionable steps? One small, one big.

Small step –

Big step –

Jenna Kutcher

Let’s deliver and discuss some strategies for implementing the direction that you want to go through. Simplify is the name of the game!

Can this really work? Can I show up in the internet and change lives?

Well, the way that we work and show up and live life has changed. As well as the way we share things and do things on the internet. So yes.

We are so busy unqualifying ourselves before we even begin. Let’s change that.

Let’s discover our superpower. There’s three different ways to do that:

Discover Your Superpower

  1. Think of a topic you can present on for at least 20 minutes, unprepared. There’s genius in you that may just need an outlet for!
  2. Ask your loved ones to speak into your life. “When you think of me, what do you consider me an expert in?” We don’t acknowledge where our gifts lie and sometimes we need to ask for help. The more we ask for help the better. Or even post it online! “What makes me different? What do you wanna learn?”
  3. Look at your own habits. What do you find yourself Googling? What books do you read? What forums do you browse? It might reveal a passion you never uncovered.

Let’s walk a little through branding.

Difference Between a Business and a Brand

A business is just an organization, a product, a service etc.

The brand is the image and the personality of your business.

Many, many people are very passionate about things but just end up only selling their product. And then you’re just tempted to unfollow them. People are only going to reach a tiny portion of your audience in that case, if they’re just selling.

When we think about brands we think about logos, websites, fonts. Visual stuff. It’s so much more though! The voice and the personality behind your passion is what makes up your brand.

People care about you and not what you’re selling.

There’s a few reasons why you need a brand not just a business:

  1. Brands are able to pivot. You can change direction and it’s still okay because it’s a personality. It evolves and innovates.
  2. Brands can make a way bigger impact. It has a heartbeat and a personality.
  3. Brands earn you the ability to sell. You serve, serve, serve, and when the time comes – sell! The content you’re sharing gives you the right to sell. You’re sharing it with the right people, and creating relationships. When the time comes to sell, the audience understands and is more likely to participate. It’s more like an invitation rather than a sales pitch.

We have a tendency to hide behind our creations because it’s safe. But you can just be your own personality. You want people to think about you as a whole not just your work. Don’t get stuck on the way that things look. Focus on connection rather than aesthetics. The brand is the personality. It’s multi- faceted just like you are. It has energetic emotions. We want to share all of that.

The JK5 Exercise

Let’s try an exercise. You have a magazine. Think about your brand as a magazine. What kind of subjects would you wanna cover? What headlines would be on your magazine?

Let’s figure out different topics that will allow you to connect with your followers. There should be five of them. These will be the five pillars of your business. Not just your work – your work is simply one of the five.

Figure out these five categories. Scroll through your camera roll and look at what you’re capturing. What different things are worthy of documenting? Find five of them, which you’re passionate about.

We feel boring and basic. That’s what makes us relatable and real.

We start to understand true connections rather than just marketing our product. It gives you the freedom to pivot and change direction when you want.

Now how can this show up in your online marketing? Visualize the cover of your magazine. Now you have a framework. You now want to start creating real connections based on your topic. You want to make sure you’re aligning with the right people so when it comes time to sell, you’re just inviting them. These five categories will allow you to do just that.

We now want to give people reasons to tether themselves to you rather than just a “one-night-stand” thing.

If you were in a show online, and you were to post about one topic each day, you start to create this cyclical way of connecting with people. It’s like how we would buy a magazine for just one headline.

And let’s say you do Monday through Friday. On Friday you post about your product. And an interactive thing. Like an email list or an event or a live video. That’s how you can get people to be your fans. Because 80% of the time you’re posting stuff that serves people. And Fridays you can sell but it looks more like an invitation. But you gotta be absolutely passionate about those five things.


Now about being “boring” and “basic.” Try bread-crumbing. You have this opportunity invite people into your life. Into your journey. “I’m learning all these new things and I wanted to share this with you guys!” That’s bread-crumbing. Sharing your journey and your learnings. We start to let people into our lives not just so they can support us but also learn from us.

And also, do NOT wait to get things perfect. It’s so much better to show up in the messy middle. It’s real and it’s raw and it’s YOU. Don’t post in real time. Just be in the moment that you treasure. Invite people in to see how you live your life. When you post something, ask the following:

-Why does this matter? Why am I posting this in the first place?

-Who is this serving? My own ego or someone else or who?

-How do I invite people in to this moment? How can I make it matter to other people?

-Where do people go next? How do we move forward together?

You not sharing your learnings with people isn’t gonna help anyone. You’re an influencer with even just one follower. Remember that and spread the love. Don’t feel like you have to master all the platforms at once. Master one, even. Gain momentum and roll over to more platforms.

If you’re passionate about multiple things. Try and find where they intersect. What is the lowest hanging fruit where you can actually progress. Build on that. Which one can you start to go for today? Just get to it!

Dean Graziosi

How do you start the marketing message? How do you start your story and identify exactly what you’re sharing? No matter where you are in your journey, when you understand your story and how to share it, your confidence and hence your “marketing stamina” goes up.

Targeting Your Niche

Targeting the Niche

How do you break your target audience down into that little black dot? Remember – that little dot is still at least a million people, and you can target that through social media.

When you shrink your niche, and your confidence goes up, that’s when your marketing journey starts. You just reverse-engineer what you’re good at (your skills) to teach people how to do it for themselves. Narrow your niche, THEN figure out how to reach those clients/individuals.

When you narrow it down you stop overcomplicating things. When you narrow it down, you’ll find you know almost everything about that little black dot.

When you narrow it down, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What’s ONE problem you could solve for somebody?
  2. WHO do you want to solve it for?

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